inspiron 13 5000 batter life? also...spinning fans?

Discussion in 'Dell Inspiron and Dell Studio' started by kojack, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Been using my 13 5000 for awhile now. The battery life is roughly 5-6 hrs. I have the screen on 25% brightness while on battery, which is fine for where I use it. But the fan is ALWAYS running. Is there away to stop this to squeeze out some longer battery life out of it? or is it the way it is?

    I know when I had my acer 14" timeline, I got 8-9 hrs battery life from it and it was silent unless I was doing something really graphics intensive. Added an SSD and got 12 hrs in that machine. Probably the best windows based computer I ever owned. But if I could get some ideas on this it would be great!

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