Info on Buying here & buying on your favorite auction site

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    A little info on Buying here& buying on your favorite auction site

    Please understand many of our members sell Toughbook parts and rebuild Toughbooks for sale here and at auction but you might find they are higher priced...why because they are built by "enthusiasts" who enjoy working on them. We test and clean and test them again so you know you are getting a good one and will stand behind them...will you get this kind of service from them big box liquidation companys selling on your favorite auction site...NO .

    For me... I'd rather buy from an enthusiast no matter what. They are usually fanatical about all facets of cleaning, repair and customization. This beats the liquidation company who is just out to move stock and make a fast buck. I also would like to add that we have a few members that build “Custom Toughbooks” and they do sell on your favorite auction site, these guys know Toughbooks inside and out. If you want the best from the best then check them out...these guys have helped build this forum to what it is today. They have shared there trade secret's and have helped many build there very own "Custom Toughbook"

    WTB Thread

    If you post a WTB thread please check back and update your thread and if you find what you were looking for let us know. I find if a member has what you are looking for you will get a PM or email within 24 hours

    Thank you
    Toughasnails (Blair)
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