Increasing NVME performance, has anyone here ever actually gotten 80Mb/s in Q1T1 test?

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    One of the big selling points of an nvme drive is its purported ability to hit 80mb/s in q1t1 testing because that is the essential point by which most all tangible performance happens, and hence optanes famously consistent 200+ scoring in that area which is about 4 times faster then what most people appear to be getting, which as we know is a source of user backlash against nvme over regular sata drives which do about the same in q1t1. According to user reviews I have seen over time, the average nvme users get is 40-55mb/s in q1t1 testing, which is obviously not near what so many "pro review" shill sites would have us believe who shall go unnamed...

    Update: This one has to be named, I mean come on, 88mb/s q1t1? From the user reviews I have seen with that drive, it usually half that.

    Here are techniques I have found that according to reviews I have read will actually increase performance
    • Increasing over provisioning
    • separate partition for OS
    • OEM driver software on apparently technically compatible drives
    • Ram caching, which I am trying to make a last resort.
    Having the drive freshly secure erased, trimmed, and with nothing on it is one route that will increase all performance, but real usage, saturation, and nearing capacity is what I am looking at. And obviously doing a secure erase is out of the question, unless you can partition the empty space and do it that way?

    In regards to what I listed about Oem driver software, I am basing this off of a review where a user mentioned getting 15% more performance using intel driver software for the 760p because both drives are similar enough in which that will actually work. I am not certain as to what trick is being pulled off here other then no drive usage, but the reviews I have seen of the 760p dont seem that impressive compared to other nvme's.


    In the user reviews I have seen, both hp, and adata nvme drives seem to consistently score the highest in q1t1. Not by much usually, but enough to catch my eye, so is there some reason for this? Has anyone one done anything in the list maybe and is able to consistently get around 75-80mb/s in q1t1? If there is some trick to consistently get 80mb/s please tell me.

    Update: So since the sx8200 pro or not, hp ex920/950 are basically the same as the intel 760p, with the same components, nand, controller, cache, etc, it does seem possible to use intels driver on them, and maybe even firmware. Has anyone tried this by chance with their Hp and adata nvme's? Here is the thread on that:

    Conversely it also appears to be possible to use HP drivers on either the sx8200 or 760p given that they have the same nand and controller.
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