In warranty process DELL installed motherboard with BitLocker in my 7570.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by zakakaikane, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Hello. First of all I note that all the information below I learned from dozens of telephone conversations with the service, shop, producer, friends, technician, etc. None of them I am 100% sure.

    In the Next Business Day program Dell sent me a technician to replace the faulty motherboard (laptop worked normally only the problem was with the sound card). Quick replacement and at the start of Windows it asks for BitLocker code. Technician recommended to fully disc format and reinstall the system if i don't know the code. The problem is that there is my three-week work which i would start over again? By foolishness, due to high fever, I do not know, I did not make a backup but didn't expect that by replacing the motherboard I will lose all data from the disk.

    I made dozens of calls and found out that:
    1. I could not activate BitLocker because I have Win 10 Home, and this is a service for the Pro / Enterprise version of Windows.
    2. The 'new' motherboard is probably refurbished and the previous owner had BitLocker.
    3. I will not recover the code because the laptop account is created locally and is not associated with any email.
    4. Dell sees full format as the only solution because even if they replace this motherboard for another one it won't help, disk has been already encrypted.
    5. The store where i bought laptop may file a complaint with the producer but the manufacturer probably won't accept it.
    6. Microsoft help desk informed me that technical assistance in this area is paid for and they sent me to producer or technet where I can't find anything helpful.

    Shop send me to Dell, Dell to shop, shop to Dell, Dell to Microsoft, Microsoft to Dell etc. etc.

    My fault is that I did not make a backup but I would not expect such a lack of professionalism. The quality of their products (it's already 3 warranty repairs and I have this laptop only 3 months) and the warranty process is terrible. Do you have any ideas what else I can do to recover data?

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    You got overnight in home motherboard replacement and you call that terrible? What were the other 2 issues with the machine if i may ask?

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