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    If you post a WTB thread and receive offers, request that the seller make a proper For-Sale (FS) thread in the appropriate marketplace section!

    If you do not do this, you lose out on the rest of the community being a witness to your transaction.

    Why is this important? There are scammers out there, in here, everywhere. If you wish to avoid them, you need the support of a community with a set of rules.

    Under no circumstances should you purchase an item without a proof of ownership picture with the seller's username in it. Pictures can be faked, so make sure it looks real and ask for more pics when in doubt.

    Notebookreview cannot protect anyone on the marketplace; our powers are limited to deleting things that break the rules. Any transactions conducted entirely via private messaging do not give us the opportunity to make our normal checks, and it does not give the community an opportunity to point out any potential problems.

    Do not trust any members that come on here and PM you about this or that for sale. Ask them to make a legitimate for-sale thread and have the community scrutinize it.

    We greatly appreciate any reports of marketplace listings (or posters) that violate the marketplace rules and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.
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