Iiyama XU2395WSU-B1 - 10-bit compatible at all?

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by Vaardu, May 24, 2021.

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    So, my setup's been usually sometimes dual or single monitor. I have an Iiyama XU2395WSU-B1 as my secondary monitor for my Dell M4800, using the WX4150 as the graphics adapter.

    All seemed alright, but while the display is kind of nice I ran into some conflicting info about what the whitepapers say and what it actually does or has. Even product pages on other websites say something about 1.07 billion (10-bit) colours or 8-bit + FRC.

    There was a PDF I looked at, which said something about 1.07 billion colours which usually means 10-bit. Digging deeper that it said 8-bit + FRC to achieve that close enough appearance. I was able to look at the cached version, before it was changed and I'm confident it did say 1.07 billion.

    However I tried getting 10-bit yet no matter how I did it I didn't really succeed, and recently looked back at the PDF for this monitor and discovered they changed the info to reflect that it's an 8-bit panel only.

    But, I also wanted to know if there are other owners here with this monitor who did or didn't have success getting a 10-bit depth running on this?
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    While I don't have that specific setup I did swap from a 256K screen to 1B+ 4K screen and can see the difference.


    From the side by side it's pretty apparent in the difference you can see in the finer details. Both shot from the same distance with the same camera.

    I would double check your display settings that would show which mode you're running in on that particular monitor and if you're hooked up by HDMI try DP as it might yield better colors w/ higher bandwidth than HDMI depending on the specs of your particular machine. I say this because I used to have a M6600 and Dell keeps selling them but upgrading the guts as time goes by.

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