I need advice for the upgrade to a 970M

Discussion in 'Alienware M15x' started by Fl0oW, Dec 7, 2020.

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    Yo !
    I finally decided myself to buy a 970M to upgrade my old 260M, and i need some advices.

    What is the best brand for the 240w PSU i need to buy ? (Dell, Delta, Flextronics..)

    Are thermal pads really useful ? And if yes, what brand have the best price/performance ?

    Does i need to uninstall my actual graphics driver before the physical installation of the 970M ?

    Is there anything specific I need to know before proceeding?

    Thank you in advance ! :D
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    Hi, about the PSU stick to Dell or Delta, which ever is cheaper at the moment.
    When installing the card you´ll need both, thermal paste and pads. Themal paste for the main chip, and pads for every other chip in the card, just cut and put the new pads (1mm thick will be fine) in the gtx970m following the example of the old gtx 260m. I mean put a new pad in the same place where your old one had one.
    Before applying the paste do an install test to be sure all pads are making propper contact and, if not just add another layer where ever is needed.
    About the driver, Dell does not officially support the gtx970m for the m15x, so you´ll need a modded inf for the official nvidia driver.
    Just follow the steps in this post:


    And yes, make sure to uninstall your old dirvers first.
    Good luck.-

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