I have a couple of questions about the XPS 13 9350 w\ i7-6560u

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is this laptop a good choice for web-browsing w\ multiple tabs, and watching youtube videos?

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  1. BrianKBaer

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    Hello, im new to this forum and i was wondering if someone would kindly explain to me a few things about this laptops configuration and use:

    core i7-6560u
    16gb ram
    QHD+ TouchScreen

    - now, with that out of the way - is this a system that someone could use for lets say, web-browsing, shopping, watching youtube videos, multi-tasking w\ multiple tabs open in edge w\ programs/apps running the background - and strictly ONLY that? i mean, would it be logical for someone to have this laptop in the above configuration if they only planned to use the laptop for those types of things and those things only?(regularly)
    - dont get me wrong, the person may or may not use other more demanding things if an opportunity presents itself like that, but this person has owned this computer for almost 6 months now and has only used it for said above tasks and such. He feels like he has a lamborghin, but only needs a corvette - and its too late to return or exchange, so hes wondering if what hes gotten himself into, is a situation where he has more power than he even uses, would this mean his laptop would have a shorter life-span, and that his hardware is working harder than it should be(taking into account what its being used for versus what it can be used for) just becasue its so beastly like that? or does it mean he will get the same amount of life(life-span) out of his machine as he would another laptop of the same model/make but with lower-lesser specs+configuration, only having the options/ability to do more because of higher spec'd hardware?

    i ask these things because said laptop runs between 40~60F in temps with real_temp, and my cpu gets hot sometimes from throttling(at-least thats what ive read online about it even tho im not sure what that means even) an i want to know if i can limit certain things about this computer to preserve its overall life-span, battery wise, cpu/gpu wise, and also to reduce temperatures where possible because i feel like its using more power than it should be where i dont need it, does that make sense?

    is there some things i can disable, or turn down, or adjust to make it run cooler without saccrificing performance where i need it (web browsing, research on th web, watching high quality youtube videos on the QHD screen, multi-tasking etc.)

    i have been messing around with the power-plan, adjusting the pre-set "Balanced" profile, and am trying to determine what i should set the "Processor Power Managment" percentage to for maximum CPU use, and also not sure about the other settings in there like PCI Expr System Cooling, and then multimedia settings?

    what about maximum processor frequency?

    I also read some interesting things about "UNDERVOLTING", considering I'm running a U-Processor, and only @ 15w @ 3.3ghz - would this make any difference or have impact on this system? if yes, what are the benefits, and the down-sides of this? or if no, why not, and what does undervolting achieve for U processor types w\ only 15w?

    I know there is a ton of questions, but I really just need to unload these as ive been searching online and bouncing back and forth between all of my questions and the answers through the web, its been fun but its gotten to the point where I'm just not sure about what I'm doing and reading anymore, and I need some help form you guys. thank you so much for anyone whose made it this far into my post!!!

    best regards,

    - Brian
  2. DRFP

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    I can web browse couple of tabs with my 3168 N3710 and 4gb ram while watching Youtube so yes this notebook will do it well By the way the temps are normal, that touchscreen with the higher QHD will suck power so getting 4 to 5 hrs of battery life will also be usual
    I get 7 to 7.5 hours with my 1080p
    If you have not bought it yet Intel is about to upgrade the i7 u to a quad core instead of dual core.

    I had to buy a laptop now for work so I'm happy
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