Huge performance drop on internal screen

Discussion in 'e-GPU (External Graphics) Discussion' started by Kirito996, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Hey there guys, hope u all doing fine.

    a few days ago i completed my setup for the egpu which contains:

    Gtx 1060 3gb asus phonix mini itx

    EXP GDC v8.4 mpcie

    included power adapter (dell da2) that can deliver 150 watts or 220 watts.

    my laptop (Lenovo z570 2011-2012) have (i7-2670qm quad core clocked at 2.2 and 3.1 ghz turbo boost, nv gt 540m, 6gb ram (4+2), 1tb wd blue hard drive, 1366*768p screen)

    yesterday i installed nv driver 385.69 but it gave me error 43 (note that i have hotplug enabled) so i downgarded to 372.70 and it all worked just fine ((can i upgrade to a newer version?))

    i play Paladins, a free to play game with the nv 540m at 35-50 fps at max setting (can do 60 on lower settings)and a screen response time of 18ms, Now with the gtx 1060 i should have a stable 60 fps right?

    no, in fact on the same setting i was doing like 24 fps and a screen response time of 40-50ms

    the list goes on and on with light titles like Block N load ……..

    on an external display of 1080p i was getting 130-160 fps and a screen response time of 5-7 ms for paladins on max settings.

    what is wrong here? i know that a bottleneck will happen but not like ill have a worst score than i had with my gt540m ?

    the bottleneck should be like 30% or 50% and that will get me at least 55fps on paladins with internal display?

    my questions are:

    I have nv 372.70, can i upgrade?(yes i have hotplug enabled).

    what is it with this huge bottleneck on the internal display??

    here are some screenshots:

    any help is welcomed and thank u all in advance.
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