HP Zbook G3 (15) usually doesn' when using Thunderbolt 3 dock

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    Usually doesn't resume. Somehow posted mid-title edit.

    Posting this after having no luck with solutions I found on HP's forum or getting response to a topic there. I'd estimate >80% of the time out of suspend I either get an immediate reboot, a black screen for a bit then a reboot, or a BSOD with error:
    (Yes, I've searched extensively on nvlddmkm.sys)
    • OS is Win 10 Pro (build 18362.719). Bios is 1.45.
    • i7-6820HQ processor, 32 GB RAM, M2000M video card (QHD display, if it matters), primary HD is NVMe Toshiba RD400.
    • Only peripherals are a displayport monitor and Logitech USB receiver (for keyboard/trackball).
    • ASMedia USB host controller driver:
    • Intel graphics driver
    • NVidia graphics driver 442.19, nView 149.77

    I've tried removing/reinstalling all pertinent drivers via Softpaq tool vs. download, etc. Can anyone provide a suggestion on a rather frustrating issue? Thanks.
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