HP tx1305us and ProBook 6475b Owners Wanted...

Discussion in 'HP' started by TopHat Productions115, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Hello there!

    If you found your way here, it's hopefully due to one of the following reasons:
    • You (already) own an HP ProBook 6475b (specifically)
    • You (already) own a laptop with a removable Trinity/Richland APU
    • You (already) own an HP tx1305us (specifically) or an AMD-based tx1000 series laptop
    • You (already) own a laptop with a removable Socket S1 (g1-g4 welcome) processor
    • You're (for some odd reason) interested in buying a laptop that is like what's listed above?
    Please note that this thread is centered around HP business-class and consumer-class laptops that feature removable CPUs, removable RAM, and expansion bays/ports (like Expresscard). If your laptop does not meet at least one of these criteria, this is not the thread for your laptop. It needs to meet at least one of these criteria to be discussed here.

    With that out of the way, welcome to the legacy HP laptop thread! It's named as such because of how HP currently handles these products (especially when outside of warranty). If you're 'sporting' at least one of the aforementioned models (like I am), this is the place for you to be. I (hopefully along with others) will be giving accounts of personal usage and experience, pertaining to these laptops, along with tips and tricks about how I (attempt to) get the most out of these devices in daily use. Keep in mind, I am no expert in laptop technologies. For all intensive uses, this is simply a thread where users of the mentioned models/devices can help each other out. While you're here, you'l want to make a habit of sharing specs - so that we'll have a better picture of what's going on. If you're here for troubleshooting purposes, please use warranty-based options FIRST before coming here. This thread should be your last resort, for when all else fails and HP can't bring your laptop back up to par. Now that I got that off my chest, I am also obliged to bring up the fact that this thread is somewhat inspired by the following precursory content:

    With the resources presented, you can tell exactly where this conversation is intended to go - the maintenance and upkeep of these (and similar) laptop models while running Windows Vista, 7, or 10 (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise, or other editions above Home). Can also include projects/mods involving these laptops if you're into that sort of thing. If you laptop is already in critical condition, this is probably not the place either - the links above are for laptops with issues that are fixable with custom BIOS versions (not involving fragged/damaged hardware). As such, if you need to stick your GPU in the oven, this is not the thread for it. I'll go on and share my (somewhat paltry) specs below, in case anyone is interested:

    • AMD A10-5750m (not ES)
    • 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 SO-DIMM
    • 500GB HDD (5400rpm)
    • Windows 10 Pro (1703)
    • missing fingerprint reader and webcam
    I'm done blabbing now, so please tell your stories and experiences - or share a related question if you so chose...

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