Hp Spectre x360 issues with win 10 pro

Discussion in 'HP' started by evilras, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I've just gotten the new HP spectre x360 15-ch004na UHD vega model.

    Its a lovely 15" machine that is nice and powerful with 16gb ram, i7 8705G, 1 tb hdd, and that vega GPU.

    BUT as its a work machine i had to update it to windows 10 pro to add it to the domain. Having done that, i've got issues!

    The tablet model wont flick to portrait. only landscape. very odd as my old elitbook x360 can do both.

    The trackpad has no gestures. Which is really annoying! Spo i cant scroll in webpages without touching the screen or using an external mouse!

    The battery is definately not lasting 12 hours either! On balanced with battery saver enabled, the screen at about 40% and wifi on, i reckon i'm getting 3-4 hours? Not ideal in the office when the elitebook x360 lasted 6-7!

    And finally, does anyone know a HP dock that will charge it through usb c? Even at 100W?

    I've installed as much as i can from the HP website but just can't fix these issues!

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    I've got the same model as you with 512gb ssd, spectre x360 15-ch032 with i7 8705G & Vega M. To Your Problems:

    1) 1st fold keyboard back to tablet mode, than in the action-center on the right side, the grayed-out option (in normal mode) for orientation is now available and you can tick to unlock the orientation. On my Spectre, it switches now to portrait-mode... if the orientation option is still greyed out, it's a driver issue, you have to uninstall and reinstall following drivers:
    1) Intel integrated Sensor
    2) Intel virtual button
    3) hp wireless button Driver

    2) Trackpad with gestures: the touchpad-driver for HP Spectre doesn't support windows precision touchpad, but with a modified driver (Try this How-To,), it's turned into one and you can configure gestures in windows settings -> devices -> Touchpad

    3) Have you done a new installation of Win10 Pro or only upgraded? If you've done a new installation, i think many of your problems have to do with not correctly installed oem drivers from hp.. battery-life of my spectre 15-ch is with 100% display 5h, 20% display 7-8h ... so more information is needed to solve this problem ;-)
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