HP Spectre x360 15 2020 340 vs 400 nits WLED vs 400 nits OLED

Discussion in 'HP' started by brnkcv, Feb 2, 2021.

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    I bought the OLED version of the spectre x360 15 2020 11th grm intel and it gave me bad headaches and eye strain so I returned it. I'm really hesitant to buy again from HP.com because they charged a restocking fee. But if I can confirm that the 400 nits WLED is sufficiently bright I'd take the risk. The 400 nits OLED screen was really bright, just around where I like it? Does anyone know how the 400 nits WLED compares to the OLED in terms of brightness? All my local stores only have the 340 nits WLED and its looks very dim and washed out. I'm wondering if the 400 nit is that much better than the 340, perhaps on par with the OLED.

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