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HP ProBook 4530s - Fan always on - Help with DSDT editing or NHC ACPI module

Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by jhonq, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. KarlBauman

    KarlBauman Newbie

    Nov 27, 2012
    so stupid - I just had to turn off function to keep fan always on in BIOS
  2. troubadix

    troubadix Newbie

    Jan 9, 2009
  3. LivArt

    LivArt Notebook Enthusiast

    Dec 27, 2008
    I found one issue in HPFC:
    I tried to change temp monitor frequency, but it has no effect, it was still 5 seconds.
  4. Moleek

    Moleek Newbie

    Feb 16, 2013
    Hi. I have similar (but not the same) problem like KarlBauman. I'm able to control fan with smart or manual mode, but I'm not able to turn it off. It happens since today, yesterday it was okay.
    I have unchecked "fan alway on while on AC" in BIOS, so it's not the problem. When my fan is for example on smart 240 (it works okay) and i switch it on manual 254, it works and i have cca 2800 RPM... But when i want to turn it off (manual 255) it switches automatically to 65 and it is noisy.
    Solution is to have 254 used as minimum, but sometimes i just need to turn fan fully off.
    I don't know what to do, nothing has changed on my laptop since yesterday

    This is my log (I don't know what bolt lines mean):

    [16.2.2013 23:00:18] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:19] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:19] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:20] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:20] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:21] To unstuck EC: Set EC Byte 0x22 to 1
    [16.2.2013 23:00:21] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:21] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:22] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:22] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:23] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:23] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:24] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:24] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:25] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:25] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:26] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:26] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:28] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:28] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:29] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:29] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:30] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:30] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:31] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:31] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:32] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:32] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:33] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:33] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:34] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:34] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:36] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:36] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:37] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:37] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:38] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 40°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:38] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:39] Manual Mode: Set EC Byte 0x26 to HP32start
    [16.2.2013 23:00:39] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 40°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:39] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:40] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 40°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:40] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:41] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 40°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:41] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:42] Fan: 0x41 / CPU-Temperature: 41°C
    [16.2.2013 23:00:42] Manual: Set fan control to 0xff,
    [16.2.2013 23:00:43] To unstuck EC: Set EC Byte 0x22 to 1
    [16.2.2013 23:00:43] Manual Mode: Set EC Byte 0x26 to HP32start

    EDIT2: False Alarm. It seems that my BIOS loves pranks that can be solved only by turning off (i tried of course before asking) and REMOVING BATTERY. Last time I had to do this because my fn and ctrl keys was switched...
  5. Fatmir

    Fatmir Newbie

    Mar 6, 2013
    ehmm hi guys i regisered in this forum just for the question i hope i will get someones attention :) i have probook 4520s this tool that the op posted seems to be compatible (i think) because everytime i run it the fan just stops working well the thing is i dont need it to stop i want it to always run at maximum overheating is killing me every 30 minutes (yes i the inside of the laptop is cleaned did that about 200 times these last few days ) i tried messing with hpFan control clicking manual and typing varius numbers from 1 to 250 i think i tried them all the fan doesnt move at all as soon as i close the program though the fan starts woking ,i would appreciate any help i can get the lap top is 1 year old and im still paying for the damn thing i hate throwing away stuff that im not done paying (and the fact that i dont have money to spend on new pc/lap top now) so :) thanks for the time
  6. acvaro

    acvaro Newbie

    Mar 19, 2013
    Hello All,

    I recently bought a ProBook 4540s i3 with dedicated graphics (AMD Radeon HD 7650M) and of course, the fan noise is a big problem, exactly like for 4530s.
    I have read this thread (and the one from HP support) with great interest and tried both applications HPFanControl and NoteBookFanControl.
    Unfortunately neither one works correctly on my system.
    Maybe is it because of the dedicated graphics ?
    Using NoteBookFanControl- with the included config file for 4540s, the temperature and fan speed control works with the settings from basic window but the fan never goes to 0%.
    Q: is the config file 4540s only for integrated video, or also for dedicated gpu version laptops?
    With HPFanControl v0.62, the control works for a while (e.g. 30min) after which the fan goes loud as usual.
    Tryed with laptop plugged/unplugged, tried restarts and no result.
    The value of HP32start is 31deg (1F in register 38 of EC).
    Q: maybe the answer is in the setting of HP32stop ? I have left it unchanged (00)
    I have configured ini file like this:
    Level=45 255
    Level=50 150
    Level=60 82
    The setting of the laptop is the following:
    - BIOS version F01 (19 Apr 2012); reverted from F.40 (1 Feb 2013) in the attempt to eliminate all possible causes.
    - Disabled "Fan always on while on AC power" in the BIOS
    - Power settings: all possible combinations (power saving, full performance, etc).
    - Speedfan: uninstalled

    Any advice would be highly appreciated .
    Thank you!
  7. camfrlas

    camfrlas Newbie

    May 17, 2013
    hi guys.
    i've been using HPFanControl on my PB4530s for about a 6 months now with no problems.
    lately (like a week ago), it begun to work weidly. i used original settings (bellow 50C fan goes off) and it used to work, but now after reaching 49C, fan speed goes higher than before (5500 RPM) and it wont shut. i must turn whole program off, warm it up to lets say 60C, fan goes on as usual but than again it wont stop, it just flies up.
    could anyone please tell me what's happening? i've done nothing to the settings of the program nor windows.
    thanks in advance
    (also, is it normal to have these 1 second fan bursts in about 3 second cycle with HPFC off? not that it's loud, more like.. why?)
  8. bjorm

    bjorm Notebook Consultant

    Feb 27, 2012
    hi there
    I use HPFanControl with 2560p. Is it really impossible to set fan rpm's somewhere between 0 and 3200rpm (first level threshold)? X220 is able to run (if I remember correctly) something about three different rpm's levels before 3000 rpm. With 3200rpm 2560p has mean temp. aroun 38/40C so If there would be possibility to set for example 2600 rpm it will cause 5C temp rising. Not bad because still under 50C.
  9. MasterDimes

    MasterDimes Newbie

    Sep 26, 2013
  10. vahidjavani

    vahidjavani Newbie

    Oct 18, 2014
    How can I change fan speed in Ubuntu 14.04 64bit?
    I've already using it in windows 8.1.
    Please Help me!
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