HP Pavillion 15 Gaming - UHD display panels sRGB coverage?

Discussion in 'HP' started by FreakyStepz, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Hi guys.

    Planning buying a new laptop and the HP Pavillion 15 Gaming seems a good fit for the value. I am interested in the new UHD panels found in some HP Pavillion 15 Gaming models - cx0001nu .

    Has anyone tested the SRGB coverage values of the UHD panel?
    I found some reviews of the two panels - 1080p, 60HZ which isn't that good (60% srgb coverage), and the 1080p, 144HZ (90% srgb coverage) - not that bad at all. There aren't any real reviews of the third UHD panel, only rumors that the displays cover about 90% of the SRGB.

    Also, the video card in the laptop is Nvidia 1050ti - 4GB. I'm a bit worried about frame rates with UHD display. I don't play games and normally I do some photo editing, rendering, etc.

    Actually, that's why I'm interested in the good color representation of the panel.

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