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    I recently bought Micro Centers sale item the HP Omen 15 - dc0051nr for 999us. I was aware of the heat problems and solutions provided by Bob of All Trades on YT. I currently am running ThrottleStop 8.60 to undervolt to (1000mV) which I know can't be true.

    Current settings are Core: (-1000mV) & Cache: -200mV
    I'd like any information about why I haven't experienced any crashes/errors/lowered turbo freq./etc. from undervolting my CPU core.

    Some extra info: BIOS is running latest version and im using CPUZ to stress CPU

    I would add pictures here but I guess its unavailable.
    Temps: 40-50C w/ 66C peaks @ normal work load
    81C MAX 100% Stressed @ 20min run

    UI settings on ThrottleStop:
    SpeedShift ON setting:0
    SpeedStep ON
    C1E ON

    FIVR Settings in ThrottleStop:
    Turbo Ratio Limits: All 6 cores at (41)
    CPU Core -1000mV (Proven Stable)
    CPU Cache -200mV (Proven Stable)

    Any Criticism Is Appreciated ;)
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    Not quite yet! :)

    The Core and Cache under volt need to be adjusted equally. If you do not do this your under volt might be ignored or the CPU might use the lower value so it will use -200 mV.

    The default Turbo Ratio Limits for an 8750H are 41, 41, 40, 40, 39, 39. Using values higher than this are ignored by the CPU so use the default values.

    If Speed Shift is enabled, it should say SST in green on the main screen. This takes the place of SpeedStep so there is no need to check SpeedStep if you are using Speed Shift. No need to check BD PROCHOT either.

    There is a huge ThrottleStop thread on NBR. The link is in my signature. Lots of knowledgeable people hang out there and they have first hand experience with the 8750H while using ThrottleStop.
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