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    NOTE: Due to change in forum software, many redirect links are erroneously pointing to the wrong location in the thread. It will take some time before this can be fixed. Try searching the thread for the posts in question that are not being linked to properly.

    Links to software and manuals are still good.

    NOTES ON WINDOWS 10 Installation:

    Windows 10 does indeed run on the HDX but the graphics driver has a minor issue that has a workaround. The issue is that Nvidia's Powermizer in newer drivers (such as those that come with Windows 10 and its build updates) doesn't work properly and can cause a freeze or crash. The work around is as follows:

    • Right click your desktop, select Nvidia Control panel.
    • Under 3D Settings\Manage 3D Settings scroll down to Power Management Mode and set it to Prefer Maximum Performance.
    • Now in the next tab over, Program Settings, make sure that each individual program is also set the same (either as 'Use Global Setting' or 'Prefer Maximum Performance'). If you don't see a program listed, you will have to add it and make sure that it too is set to 'Use Global Setting' or 'Prefer Maximum Performance'. Though it is better to set to Prefer Maximum Performance in case Windows updates the driver in another build or update.

    Note though, that setting this mode in Windows 10 results in increased GPU fan RPMS. Similar to the fan noise you would hear if you were in dual screen output mode. And temps will rise to the low 50's or so.

    Service/Maintenance Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/view/0s979oleglcg62k/HP_Pavilion_HDX_Entertainment_Notebook_PC_manual.pdf

    Service/Maintenance Videos (courtesy of Comptrekkie): HDX Vidoes pictures by comptrekkie - Photobucket

    HDX system schematic (PDF): 2122201-HDX Schematic.pdf
    Touch Panel Failure Recovery Method:

    In the event that the touch panel fails to recognize touch input, the following procedure will restore its operation:

    • Turn off the HDX.
    • Unplug from AC.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Press and hold down the power button for 30 secs.
    • Plug in the AC adapter.
    • Touch the DVD or TV symbols on the touch panel. It should initiate system boot if touch panel operation is restored.

    The reason for holding down the power button for 30 secs while the AC adapter and battery are removed, is to drain the system of excess capacitance thereby resetting the touch panel's operation.

    Note: there are 4 ways to turn on the HDX. You can press the power button, press the remote's power button, or touch the DVD or TV symbols on the touch panel. Any one of those operations will boot up the HDX or wake it from sleep.
    • In the event that a BIOS update fails and bricks the HDX, the following link details how to recover from it.

      1. Download latest bios from HP and extract to a folder. Use WinRar or 7Zip to extract all the files in the executable.

      2. Extract either NV.cab or ATI.cab depending on your graphics card.

      3. Open the ver.txt file and look for the string after '_ROM_' (for F.40 bios it was '68DVD').

      4. Rename Rom.bin to 68DVD.BIN

      5. Copy the 68DVD.BIN file to a freshly formatted (not bootable) floppy.

      6. Remove battery from HDX.

      7. Plug a USB floppy drive into the HDX and place the floppy with the bios file in it.

      8. Hold down 'Windows' and 'B' keys simultaneously while turning on the power.

      9. Release keys when floppy drive is accessed (when the light on the floppy drive starts blinking).

      10. Sit back and wait about two minutes for your HDX to rise from the dead!

      The following external floppy drive has been confirmed to work: NEC USB UF000x​

    • Possible alternate method using USB Flash Drive(Thanks to Nando4); http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...dragon-owners-lounge-2-a-172.html#post7213514

      Supplemental information: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...n-owners-lounge-part-2-a-621.html#post8878544

    • Alternate method #2 (Thanks to Nando4) - Advanced level - if you know how to solder/unsolder, you can buy a preflashed EEPROM from GRAINS BIOS-Repair: bios-repair.co.uk | Preflashed HP Compaq BIOS Chips-EEPROM

      The BIOS Chip is a 25VF080B 50-4C-S2AF. It is located right next to the PLL (To the upper right.)
      See picture: (click to enlarge) [imghttp://i583.photobucket.com/albums/ss276/DDerek20/IMG_0024-1.jpg[/img] It's lettering is upside down in the pic.
      It's on the topside of the motherboard so only the rear cover, top cover and keyboard need to be removed to access it.
    The HDX's BIOS is whitelisted to only accept the Intel 4965 WiFi card in the first mPCIe slot (original location of the WIFI card). The 2nd mPCIe slot (originally empty) is not whitelisted and can accept any mPCIe device. Many owners had installed the Intel 5300 or 6300 WIFI cards in the 2nd slot. It works well. However by doing so, the WIFI button on the top panel would not enable/disable the WIFI card in the 2nd slot. Nor would the HP Wireless Assistant recognize that slot. So to turn it on/off, one would have to use device manager or a tray app that could mount/unmount a device like USB Safely Remove.

    Poster TTAV134 from MyDigitalLife has successfully modified the F40E BIOS to remove the whitelist so that any mPCIe card can be installed in the 1st mPCIe slot. The WIFI button on the top panel will turn any WIFI card on/off now. And HP wireless Assistant will recognize the card for independent control of WIFI and Bluetooth. Poster Nando4 expanded on TTAV134's work and added the Dual IDA flag and SLIC.


    • Reboot so you have a fresh session of windows.
    • Extract all the files into a directory.
    • Make sure no programs are running (nothing on taskbar - In tray is OK)
    • run update.exe as administrator

    • Though many of us, myself included, have installed the BIOS without issue you would be advise to make sure you have a USB floppy drive handy in case it fails to install the BIOS and bricks your computer. Follow the recovery method linked on this page (which has been tested to work) to recover in case something goes wrong.

    Dual-IDA MODDED F40E BIOS with Whitelist REMOVED:: Download F40E Modified BIOS
    Allows NON-Extreme processors to add an extra multiplier for a 8-13% overclock.

    Note: These BIOS files are courtesy of Nando4. If the links fail, PM 2.0™ to get in contact with Nando4 for a re-upload.


    WINDOWS 7 install guide, by poster Comptrekkie: http://forum.notebookreview.com/5665765-post8954.html

    Official HP driver page: Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion HDX9000T CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

    Official HP Software/Driver catalog (use to find any SoftPaq file): ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/

    Nvidia Driver download: Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

    Best Nvidia Driver is from Microsoft: 197.45 (Best visuals of any driver)
    Windows Vista and Windows 7 x86 (32-bit):

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 (64-bit):

    To install, use winrar or 7Zip to extract all files into a folder and keep the NV_WHQL.inf file. Delete the nv_disp.inf & nv_disp.cat file. Then run setup.exe as administrator.

    WinRar: WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files - 7Zip:7-Zip
    NOTE: Drivers higher than 257.21 have issues on the HDX. Best to avoid them.

    Nvidia Official "Verde" 257.21 Driver: (Last useable driver on the HDX with Powermizer On)

    32 Bit (Win7/Vista): NVIDIA DRIVERS 257.21 WHQL
    64 bit (Win7/Vista): NVIDIA DRIVERS 257.21 WHQL

    Do NOT use the ION drivers found here: NVIDIA DRIVERS 257.21WHQL
    TUTORIAL detailing how to set up and use the latest Nvidia Drivers (>257.21):

    Better Tutorial concerning drivers higher than 257.21 (Thanks to rickiBerlin):

    Nvidia System tools : Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers


    Nvidia Inspector Tool. Full featured tool with graphs. (Thanks Ricki Berlin)
    OrbLog Blog Archive NVIDIA Inspector 1.95 – Tool

    Pics and sample instructions: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...n-owners-lounge-part-2-a-222.html#post7286821
    Nvidia PowerMizer Manager: (thanks to RickiBerlin): NVPMManagerUni-1.01.zip or PowerMizer Manager | Some More Bytes

    Alternate download from mediafire: NVPMManagerUni-1.01.zip

    Allows realtime control over Nvidia's powermizer. No need to reboot to switch it on/off.​

    AUDIO Driver If using Windows 7 - see here for how to use drivers higher the 5607: http://forum.notebookreview.com/7329974-post2486.html

    ATI driver download (navigate from homepage): Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD

    Window's DriverStore Explorer - manage your drivers from here. Especially helpful in removing old drivers from Window's driverstore. Download: DriverStore Explorer [RAPR] - Home (Thanks to EdTittek)

    RAMDISK deployment (translated from German): http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...dragon-owners-lounge-2-a-160.html#post7192218

    The CPU can be upgraded. Best upgrades are T9300(2.5ghz), T9500(2.6ghz), X7900 & X9000(2.8ghz)

    SPECIAL: CPU's, from the Montevina platform with 1066mhz FSB, can be used in the HDX. But they require a CPU socket mod to change the FSB from 266mhz to 200Mhz. Best to use from this series is the X9100 which can be overclocked to 3.6-4.0 GHZ using throttlestop.

    See RickiBerlin's post on how to do the CPU socket Mod for X9100:
    Temp comparison between two types of X9100's ("QHBQ" and "SLB48") in HDX:
    Voltage requirements @ various overclocks:
    Testing for overclock stability - Uses test such as Wprime, Intel Burn Test and Prime 95.
    Passing WPrime, both 32 and 1024 is stable enough for the majority of tasks.
    Passing Intel Burn Test would mean the system is very stable
    Passing Prime85 would mean super stable

    A note about X9000 - the only ES version worth considering is the Q174. But the Q174 can have little quirks such
    as only 1 core reporting temps or require higher voltage per overclocked multiplier than OEM version.

    Avoid ES versions of X7900 and X7800.

    The X7800, X7900 & X9000 can be overclocked in the HDX using a program called ThrottleStop.

    ThrottleStop, by Uncle Webb:
    *FSB OVERCLOCK* PLL TME-unlock for FSB overclock
    Which will overclock ANY CPU (not just extreme processors). [ADVANCED USERS ONLY]
    ....................{2.0™ is the first to do it. :p }...................
    Guide here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/thr...rs-lounge-part-2.515212/page-228#post-7298927
    Other type of overclock (FSLx) :
    Introduction: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...on-owners-lounge-part-2-a-54.html#post6946397
    Failed attempt: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...on-owners-lounge-part-2-a-58.html#post6950386
    Would need more voltage, but VID3 or VID4 +VSS won't overvolt levels 1.050v and 1.087v
    Best bet would be a voltage regulator mod: See an example here.

    OVERCLOCK LEADERBOARD: (Past confirmed overclocks done by posters.)

    Installed ProcessorOverclock TypeNormal SpeedOverclock Speed
    X9000ThrottleStop2.8 Ghz4.0 Ghz
    X9000ThrottleStop2.8 Ghz3.6 - 3.8 Ghz
    T9300TME unlock PLL2.5 Ghz3.3 Ghz @ 245Mhz FSB
    T9300Dual IDA2.5 Ghz2.7 Ghz
    T8300Dual IDA2.4 Ghz2.6 Ghz
    T8100Dual IDA2.1 Ghz2.3 Ghz
    If you have the Nvidia 8800M GTS, you can't simply swap in a new card. It's been tried (280M GTX MXM 2.1) and verified NOT to work by two posters without success. Two other posters claimed it possible (9800M GTX and 280M GTX) but did not provide adequate proof or details. The HDX's MXM implementation is proprietary.

    <s>In theory, there's a way of doing it that requires advanced BIOS modification.
    Detail of theory and procedure.</s>​
    Triturbo has proven why the GPU CANNOT be upgraded to work with the internal display:

    If you have the ATI 2600XT (part #: 452322-001) , there are two possible upgrade paths:

    1. If you have an HDX 9200-9400, then you likely have the proper motherboard (double check to make sure in case you bought or had your HDX repaired with ATI card). You simply need to buy the 8800M GTS from HP (part #454311-001). (You cannot use Any other kind since the 8800M GTS in the HDX is proprietary.) Use the service manual to install it. You will need to reflash the BIOS after you are done (whichever version you were on).

    2. If you have an HDX 9000-9100, you will need both a new motherboard (HP part #464591-001) and the 8800M GTS card (HP part #454311-001). Also, you likely need a new heatsink since the first run HDXs were ATI only and the Heatsink may not work properly with the Nvidia GPU. The part number is 448176-001(ATI heatsink) or 531455-001(Nvidia heatsink). If you end up with a ATI heatsink, you can cut away the black film to expose more of the copper so that it properly mates with the Nvidia GPU's larger heat spreader.

    Here's a picture showing the difference between heatsinks (courtesy of Burke): http://forum.notebookreview.com/6993140-post946.html

    The difference is the ATI has more black film covering the copper surface of the heatsink and is missing the extended tab to cover the additional VRAM of the Nvidia GPU.

    *To check what mobo part# you have, remove the RAM and see the sticker that is on the board in that location.​
    Can be sucessfully upgraded to 8GB using PC2-5300 667mhz or PC2-6400 800mhz RAM (note: 800MHZ RAM will downclock to 667mhz). You will need (2) 4GB sticks. RAM modules have 200 pins.​
    Can be upgraded to the latest 9.5mm height SATA HDDs of any capacity.
    Note: 12.5mm height drives will NOT fit. It has been confirmed. See HERE

    Can also be upgraded with 2.5" SATA SSDs. Best upgrade you can make.

    Looking for HDD Caddy for 2nd bay?
    HDX uses the same HDD caddy as HP Compaq 6910, 6910p, 8510, 8510p.
    Search ebay for a HDD caddy for one of those.
    (NOTE: this is NOT referring to the optical drive bay.
    This is a caddy for HDD bay #2 in the HDD compartment.)​
    Optical Drive:
    Can be upgraded with Panasonic/Matsu.sh.i.ta UJ-220 Blu-ray drive (BD, BD-RE, BD-R, DVD & CD R,RW)
    (You cannot add a HDD using an Optical to HDD bay caddy because the BIOS will not allow it to run at anything even near HDD speeds. See here for background: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...n-owners-lounge-part-2-a-101.html#post7002689)
    Can be upgraded to add a 2nd TV tuner into the HDX's empty Communication bay slot (where wifi card is).
    Proof of concept: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...dragon-owners-lounge-2-a-175.html#post7220353
    DIY ViDock Setup: (Ability to add an external GPU to use on an external monitor).


    In the unfortunate event that your GPU fails, be it the nVidia or ATI, you can possibly revive it by baking the GPU in the oven. There have been a few success stories with both cards from the HDX.

    There are various methods to accomplish this. Google "GPU bake" for Youtube videos.

    Here is one poster's account of success:


    Procedure 1:
    • Remove the GPU from HDX. (Requires complete disassembly of HDX.)
    • Preheat oven to 390-400 DegF.
    • On a baking sheet, lay down two layers of aluminum foil.
    • Put aluminum foil balls in the screw holes on the GPU board to act as feet.
      This prevents the GPU chip and RAM from making direct contact with any hot
      surface and allows hot air to flow under the board. Figure about 1 CM high feet.
    • Place the GPU MXM card on top of the foil, GPU chip side down.
    • Bake for 9-10mins.
    • Take the GPU out and let it cool for 1 hour.
    • Preheat the oven again at 390-400 DegF
    • Repeat bake for another 9-10mins as before.
    • take the GPU out and let it cool for another hour.
    • Reassemble the HDX. (Might want to test it open before full reassembly)

    NOTE: if first bake doesn't work, try another but this time GPU chip side UP.

    Alternative Procedure 2:
    Use this method if GPU is still functional but crashes to blue screen whenever using 3D clocks (Games, CAD, etc.)
    • Remove the GPU from HDX. (Requires complete disassembly of HDX.)
    • Preheat oven to 390-400 DegF.
    • On a baking sheet, lay down two layers of aluminum foil.
    • Put aluminum foil balls in the screw holes on the GPU board to act as feet.
      This prevents the GPU chip and RAM from making direct contact with any hot
      surface and allows hot air to flow under the board. Figure about 1 CM high feet.
    • Place the GPU MXM card on top of the foil, GPU chip side up.
    • Bake for 10mins.
    • Take the GPU out and let it cool for 1 hour.
    CLEAN YOUR FANS! (Seriously, folks! :D ).

    Many a GPU failure has been due to dust and pet hair clogged up in the fan radiator grills.

    How to go about it:

    • Remove the rear cover of the HDX. (See page 53-55 of the service manual)
      Don't forget to remove the little screw in the optical bay.
      Pry up the rear cover which has snaps, by starting near the hinge (either side of it).

    • Use a vacuum cleaner of compressed air to get the dust out of the fan well and grilles.
      Use a toothpick or some other needle like instrument (e.g. Dentist's toothpick) to pry dust
      from between the radiator grilles.

    • Use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean surface of fan blades.

    • GPU fan (left one) is removable with a small jeweler's Philips screwdriver.
      Remove that to really get a good cleaning.

    FAN Access/Cleaning Tutorial: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...n-owners-lounge-part-2-a-760.html#post9683411

    POSSIBLE BATTERY RECONDITIONING METHOD: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...n-owners-lounge-part-2-a-473.html#post8173281


    Link to Original Owners Lounge: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/169232-official-hp-hdx-dragon-owners-lounge.html

    Link to Comptrekkie's illustrated HDX teardown: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...hdx-dragon-owners-lounge-558.html#post4684690

    Link to a thread revealing the coming of the HDX: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-compaq/120431-hp-hdx-gaming-laptop-check-out.html

    Original HP HDX Dragon Wallpapers (1680 x 1050): http://www.mediafire.com/download/a811zf5w121qppg/HP_Backgrounds.zip

    And Original HP HDX Dragon wallpaper in 1920 x 1200 (thanks, kimutler): http://www.hpwallpaper.com/wallpapers/pa_dragon_2-1920x1200.jpg
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    WooHoo!! first post in new lounge, :cool:
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    1st girl to post and 2nd member...:p

    ya i go to the last page of part 1 and i was surprised until 2 said he would start another. phew! well i still don't understand about the loading times. i mean, mine is pretty instant, on a fast connection or even elsewhere on a slower high speed (384kbps)....it's not like all 1152 pages get loaded BEFORE the last page...so i dont get it, but no worries. its nice and tidy this way on the web end i'm sure.
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    Yay! New Dragon thread and I've got a post on the first page!!

    Everything still working well on my Dragon. Especially since that video driver change that (somehow) fixed my remote control issue.
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    First question in the new thread. :) I just got another project Dragon, and the wireless network card won't turn on. It's orange on the console, unresponsive to touch, and the windows mobility center pop up shows a disabled button for turning it on. The device manager says it's operating properly. Any ideas? Just did a fresh load of Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.

    This HDX is strange. The outside shell looks almost unused, and the hinge is hard to operate, like it's only been opened a few times. Both the keyboard and QuickTouch board ZIF connectors were unconnected. When I realized this, I broke out the PDF manual and looked where they were and re-connected them. So far, the only thing I've needed from my parts Dragon was the twin 120Gb drives, and I could have gotten them anywhere. Sigh. Guess that one's next on the fix list.
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    Did you install HP wireless manager? You can probably turn it on from there.
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    where can i find HDX i couldnt find it on official hp site
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    You can't. It's been discontinued. A few pop up on eBay every now and again.
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    No I haven't. Is it on the softpaq page? I have that link.

    Yeah, somebody bought a pretty busted up one this AM. The specs were OK, and it was running, but the guy did a panic stop in his car, and the Dragon went flying. The display bezel is pretty messed up and he fixed it with super glue.
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    SP44700 is a version of HP wireless assistant that will work.

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