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    A place where people can discuss this nice machine

    my config is ay0000nc which translates to
    CPU: ryzen 4300U 15W tdp envelope
    RAM: 8GB DDR4 3200MHZ 22-22-22-52
    SSD: 256GB samsung MZVLQ256HAJD-000H1
    LCD: 400nit 1920x1080 CMN139D
    WI-FI: Realtek RTL8822CE (i will swap it for intel ax200 sooner or later) to get wifi-6
    PEN:hp pen

    Few observations:
    First thing i did was that i reinstalled to clean windows 10 as HP prepackaged their version with 40GB of unremovable hidden folders / useless drivers and other funny things...

    But otherwise im very happy with this device its fast, well build, with 15W tdp it provides enough performance for casual gaming, display is nice and bright compared to all other devices in same price range (yep i did my research).
    Battery life is mediocre (i switched from i3-7100U powered machine which was little better with battery but also much less powerfull).
    Keyboard have some sort of "german" (very sturdy) feel, i like it except for missing right CTRL which i usually use for browser forward/backward shortcut...
    Freesync support was disabled by default but with CRU i was able to run 22-60HZ freesync range.

    There are some results when i was playing with renoir mobile tuning for 4300U tested on battery:
    CPU-Z bench 17.01.64 (4 threads)
    1W - 0.38Ghz 130 points
    2W - 0,38Ghz 130 points
    3W - 0,98Ghz 350 points
    4W - 1,42Ghz 520 points
    5W - 1,75Ghz 662 points
    6W - 2.21Ghz 824 points
    7W - 2.53Ghz 1100 points
    8W - 2,67Ghz 1209 points
    9W - 2,81Ghz 1324 points
    10W - 2,89Ghz 1380 points
    11W - 3,03Ghz 1433 points
    12W - 3,12Ghz 1498 points
    13W - 3,23Ghz 1545 points
    14W - 3,32Ghz 1589 points
    15W - 3,40Ghz 1621 points
    16W - 3,46Ghz 1664 points
    17W - 3,53Ghz 1689 points
    18W - 3,56Ghz 1708 points
    19W - 3,60Ghz 1716 points
    20W - 3,65Ghz 1738 points
    21W - 3,70Ghz 1780 points
    22W - 3,73Ghz 1791 points
    23W - 3,75Ghz 1803 points
    24W - 3,75Ghz 1799 points (i think that it starts to cook itself somewhere here)
    25W - 3,75Ghz 1794 points
    30W - 3,78Ghz 1816 points but will drop after some time due to heat...
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