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HP Envy Keyboard not working

Discussion in 'HP Envy & HDX' started by markhedder, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. markhedder

    markhedder Notebook Deity

    Jan 2, 2009
    I have an HP Envy laptop. I spilt a very tiny bit of sauce on the keys, so I tried wiping it with Clorox wipe. I may have sponged up too much under the keys and right now my keyboard is not working. Some of the keys work, typically anything under the A-L column and below. But the backspace keys are acting up, everything on the right side doesn't work, including enter key, the number 5 and 6 doesn't work, f keys don't work and many of the keys are buggy in general. Sometimes it will backspace on its own repeat, or the disc eject will automatically trigger by itself. When I first wiped it, the screen would turn on, but not show anything. So I pulled out the battery, held the power key and let it sit for a while. Now the screen works perfectly. The touchpad works perfectly too. An external mouse and external keyboard works perfectly too and when the screen wouldn't turn on for an hour or so, I used an HDMI external monitor with no problems.

    Do you presume there is only a problem with the keyboard? Would replacing it fix things? Are there any tests I can execute to make sure things are in working order? Hopefully the computer is fine. Right now only the keyboard is non functional so Im using an external keyboard.
  2. Jerohm

    Jerohm Notebook Evangelist

    Feb 8, 2011
    In MY experience, "You spill on the keyboard, You replace the keyboard". They are meant to be put together ONCE. That is not to say under some circumstances you might get lucky and be able to lessen the effects of the damage, but I firmly believe, a keyboard is not worth attempting to fix... 'cause I've tried... and failed... and would never waste MY time again. Don't eat while on your computer... but you probably know that NOW.

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