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    Envy 14 slide show: HP ENVY 14

    Envy 14 dimensions: 9.3 x 14 x 1.1 inches ; 14.5" Screen; 5.2 pounds

    *THREAD RULES*: (Be sure to read) http://forum.notebookreview.com/6460481-post5729.html


    New owners and/or new posters to the forum, before you start a new thread, see the following 2 threads:

    POLL and FEEDBACK THREAD: (Owners please vote.)







    Owners and prospective owners should view the following thread:







    F.A.Q.: By poster - Htwingnut

    CPU - that's the toughest because it all depends on what you want to do with your PC but here's my summary:

    i3 - dual core, multithreaded, integrated GPU, no Turbo Boost. Ok for basic desktop tasks like web browsing, flash, MS Office, and some gaming.
    i5 - dual core, multithreaded, integrated GPU, Turbo Boost. i5-430 and 450 are similiar CPUs but the 450 is newer and has slightly faster clock speed. Performance between the two in general is probably less than 10%. i5-520m offers some additional instructions for hardware virtualization and AES encryption which just aid in processing more quickly with a few other benefits
    i7 - quad core, multithreaded, no integrated GPU, Turbo Boost - Quad core is powerful, capable of processing eight threads simultaneously, clock speeds generally slower than an i5, but have advantage of processing more threads. No integrated GPU means less battery life because it will be using the dedicated GPU all the time. Most likely 50% less battery life.

    Screen - 1366 x 768 brightview or 1600x900 Radiance. The radiance is top of class.

    Note: Amazon is selling the HP ENVY 14-1010NR (WQ784UA#ABA) = 1366 x 768. Non-Radiance display.

    Hard Drive / SSD - Hard Drives = cheap, effective storage while adding noise, vibration, and heat. SSD = expensive, fast storage, with no vibration or noise with minimal heat and power consumption. SSD speed is superior to HDDs in two respects; they write 3 to 5 times faster and have seek times that are hundreds of times faster then a HDD. Current gen SSD's have a long life, probably much longer than you'd ever keep your laptop unless you do constant large read/writes to it 24/7.

    160GB = Intel X-25M G2 (Trim supported)
    256GB = Samsung MMDOE56G5MXP-0VB (Trim supported on some. HP shipping also firmware that doesn't support Trim.​

    12.5mm Height HDDs will NOT fit in the Envy 14. Even though the service manual says they will. A poster reported that a Samsung 1TB 12.5MM HDD did NOT fit.

    See thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/514949-1tb-hd-install-envy-14-a.html

    Memory = 4GB is sufficient for most. Two sticks is fine. You can get up to a negligible 5% performance benefit running dual channel, or two sticks of the same size and speed, as opposed to single stick. But a single stick gives the benefit of just popping in an additional RAM stick later. Otherwise, if you know you'll want 8GB later then maybe go with single 4GB.

    Though, you are best to match RAM sticks as mix-match of RAM manufacturers can lead to problems

    So if you don't want to take that chance and you know you'll need more than 4GB, you may want to get it configured with 6GB or 8GB.

    1066mhz (if you have i3 or i5 CPU] or 1333 mhz (i7 CPU)​

    A note about RAM usage: There are not many programs that will use up the sum of 4GB. Requiring more than 4GB is reserved for multitasking of powerful programs or for multitasking very many programs at once. Adobe suite products come to mind and well as some A/V production suite programs.

    Battery - The slice battery is apparently the "6 cell" battery they offer for $200 at the moment. It basically form fits the entire bottom of the laptop and is thin and gives up to an extra 100% or perhaps more battery life. No need to swap batteries as it works "smartly" with the built in 8 cell battery (59whr, 12.6 oz). Do a search at images.google.com for "envy slice battery" to see what it looks like. The trade off is that the slice adds weight (1lbs 15oz) and depth (14" x 9" x .5").

    Preliminary Battery Runtime Results: (without Slice battery installed) (As executed by Stefan HT) Suggested insertion: jfk33

    - WLAN = ON
    - Display brightness 60%
    - standby at 10%: disabled

    Result: 4:10 hours

    See Battery Life Log thread for posters with runtimes of 4:40 and 7hours.

    Wifi - Important note (submitted by poster e14) - On the German preconfigured model 1010eg, the wifi card is Broadcom and not Intel as HP has advertised. The US version is Intel as specified (Centrino advanced N 6200).

    FAN- The unit is set by default to run the fans at all times and at low speed at idle and during normal tasks. It can be disabled in BIOS. Though some users report that disabling it results in fans coming on every few seconds at medium.

    Comparative of Intel CPU options [i3-i5]: (Thanks to poster "Curse the sky")
    Compare Intel® Products

    Comparative of Intel CPU options [i7 quad cores]:
    Compare Intel® Products,

    - submitted by poster Aleckazee

    The processor is able to run at full speed when on battery not like on the Envy 15 where it would be limited to 1.2GHz.

    Proof: http://forum.notebookreview.com/6421176-post2308.html scroll down and you will see it.

    NOTE ABOUT i7 Processors: They do not allow for switchable graphics. Only dedicated. Therefore a unit outfitted with an i7 processor will consume more power and shorten battery life.

    NOTE ABOUT i3-370M Processor: (Contributed by Bronsky and Protiod) Unlike the i5 and i7, the i3's thermal maximum is 90 DegC (unlike 105 for i5/i7). Real world use would not see temps reach that high. But during CPU stressing, it can.

    Potential CPU WHINE Fix: (If you experience this anomaly, try one or both of the following)

    CPU Whine information and test procedure - by poster M.to.walker

    JJB's SSD tweak also helped some that have whine and an SSD.
    Warning: Do not touch MSCONFIG processor settings!

    If you touch the #of processor settings in MSCONFIG/boot/advanced options you will get false # of Core/Thread readings in CPU-Z.
    It will also lock your processor at one core and it will run at max speed.​
    Discussion of SSDs: by poster "Curse the Sky"


    Today's solid-state drives: The value perspective - The Tech Report - Page 1 submitted by poster dirtymaf

    A few general tips for those getting an SSD and want to eek out a few more free GB, plus how to setup - by poster HTwingnut.


    Slice Battery Info:

    HP Envy Slim Fit Extended-Life Notebook Battery 6 Cell, 62Whr that weighs 1 pound 15 oz. Dim. 14" x 9" x .5" Part number: 602410-001
    (The standard main internal battery: 8cell, 59whr, 12.6 oz).

    Picture of Slice and confirmation of its weight - by poster alaskajoel:


    A short video review showing slice battery:
    YouTube - HP Envy 14

    Touch Pad Information: Submitted by poster e14
    The user manual of the Envy 14 shows that the touchpad is NOT the new buttonless/hingeless 4-point synaptics hardware, its the same old clickpad from previous envies that has a hinge and 2 physical buttons.

    Example of what the new type of Synaptics touchpad can be seen here for comparison: Synaptics Introduces Four-Finger Multi-Touch and MacBook Style TouchPads - Laptop News - TrustedReviews


    User manual (uploaded by erathostenes):
    en-US_manual_595071-001a.pdf - HP Envy 14 Manual - BADONGO

    HP Notebook Reference Guide:

    Service/Maintenance Manual (thanks to poster wall of voodoo):


    Unboxing Pictures:



    HP ENVY 14 Review

    HP ENVY 14 Review - SlashGear - contributed by poster swg1251

    HP Envy 14 review -- Engadget - contributed by TOYSTER17 and asdad123

    HP Envy 14 Review - A Review of the HP Envy 14 - contributed by poster jsanjose

    HP Envy 14 Review & Rating | PCMag.com - contributed by poster hp_dv2000_t

    Page Not Found: Computer Shopper contributed by markik and nu_D

    Review HP Envy 14-1010eg Notebook - Notebookcheck.net Reviews - contributed by Thanatos 82


    Review in progress (compilation of impressions, benchmarks and photos by posters erathostenes, StefanHT and ademmer):

    FIRST LOOK VIDEO: by erathostenes
    YouTube - HP Envy 14 - a first look.

    A short video review showing slice battery:
    YouTube - HP Envy 14

    Review blog - submitted by poster DV_2000_t
    The HP Envy 14 – a solid laptop by anyone’s standards | Geek with Laptop

    User review - by poster dannybht
    http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...hp-envy-14-owners-lounge-727.html#post6479446 Pics: Picasa Web Albums - danny tran - envy 14

    Hands on user review/Blog entry by poster TornBacchus
    Full HP Envy Review + Hands On | waffleTech

    More comprehensive review (With pics, benches, comparisons) by Tornbacchus

    User Review - by poster Butr0sButr0s

    User Review - poster wracky
    HP Envy 14 Review wracky.net

    User review w/Linux- poster xfocus
    HP Envy 14 – A Love Story | B to the Log

    Excellent video review/Initial impressions by poster hellfire88
    YouTube - HP Envy 14 Initial Impressions

    Video of Keyboard Flex - by poster thanatos82
    YouTube - Envy 14 keyboard flex! and YouTube - Envy 14 Keyboard Flex 2
    Whole keyboard with flex - posted by dphino - YouTube - Keyboard Flexing Envy 14

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It appears that a fair number of owners are reporting CPU whine.
    Varies from subtle high pitched whir to annoyingly loud whine. While others report no whine at all. YMMV

    Coupon codes:

    *THREAD RULES*: (Be sure to read) http://forum.notebookreview.com/6460481-post5729.html

    Special student phone in price adjustment for Win7 Pro heads up contributed by ChemE

    If you are a student you can call HP and let them know that Microsoft is offering Windows 7 Professional for $29.99.
    They should credit you the difference of ~$90 if you purchased it as CTO or offer it to you at this price if you are in the process of configuring.

    You will need to direct them to one of the following websites as proof:

    Microsoft Student - Windows 7
    Microsoft Student - all the best Microsoft student discounts, programs, and products

    HP Laptop out of the box GUIDE

    Link suggested by DrPterodactyl

    Want to know what to do when you get you Envy?

    NOTE: Windows 7 product code is located inside, under the battery.

    1. How to do a clean install?

    What bloatware is included or needs to/can be removed?

    Win7 Clean install tutorial (step by step)- Clean Install Windows 7 - How to Perform a Clean Installation of Windows 7 - Part 1 of 3 - submitted by donut3

    Free Windows 7 legal download links: http://forum.notebookreview.com/win...-7-download-links-just-like-vista-before.html
    NOTE: You can only use the same version as the one that came with your notebook

    2. How to setup the touch pad -
    Configuration by JJB

    Trackpad and hands interfere with each other significantly and PalmCheck isn't perfect while you're typing. Solved with TouchFreeze:
    TouchFreeze-1.0.2.msi - Project Hosting on Google Code - submitted by poster ColdHeat
    TouchFreeze-1.0.2.msi - touchfreeze - TouchFreeze-1.0.2.msi - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Still the problem of right clicking? Solved by using Two Finger Scroll: Project Hosting on Google Code - submitted by poster ColdHeat
    two-finger-scroll - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Best option for the trackpad is a program called EvnyTouchPad by poster Reil:
    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Latest version: envyTouchPad.exe
    You can read about it in this thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/502589-e14-trackpad-discussion-only.html


    Note: Need to use your original touchpad drivers that came from HP else it won't work.

    See this thread also : http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/563791-definitive-guide-envy-trackpad.html

    3. Website to assist in brightness/contrast adjustment: Contrast - Lagom LCD test

    4. Audio Output Tweak - by poster JJB (works with Envy 14): http://forum.notebookreview.com/5668647-post3614.html

    5. How to do a MINIMAL Recovery Image Install (alternative to clean install that gets rid of bloatware):
    By poster hapbeeboy - http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...-owners-lounge-part-deux-273.html#post6590288

    6. Need to make a second set of recovery disks?

    Drivers Thread and Discussion:
    by poster justinkw1

    Driver Thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-drivers-software-forum/496027-drivers-hp-envy-14-intel.html

    HP's entire Softpaq library FTP directory: (Compliments of 2.0) ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/

    Latest ATI Video Driver form on AMD's homepage: Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD

    SSD Setup and tweaks


    BatteryBar - Perhaps the most accurate battery runtime estimator: Osiris Development - BatteryBar, the most accurate battery meter for Windows

    CPU-Z - processor information and status: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

    HWMonitor - system temperature monitor: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

    GPU-Z - GPU temperature and status monitor: GPU-Z Video card GPU Information Utility

    SIW - System information for Windows: SIW | Download

    Karen's Time Sync - Synchronize computer's clock to one of the many ultra-precise time servers available on the Internet:
    Karen's Time Sync

    DPC Latency Checker - tool that analyzes the capabilities of a computer system to handle real-time Audio and video streams properly:
    DPC Latency Checker

    Microsoft Security Essentials (anti-virus, malware and spyware protection) : http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

    Luxand Blink - Facial recognition and login software: - (submitted by poster ggrayson): Luxand - Blink! - Login to Your PC by Simply Looking at It!

    Synaptics Scrybe - Gesture workflows. (submitted by poster nrq007)
    Learn - SYNAPTICS | Scrybe


    AS SSD Benchmark - Alex Intelligent Software - Downloads: AS SSD Benchmark

    ATTO benchmark - Download ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.34 | techPowerUp

    HD TUNE - HD Tune website

    Crystal Disk Info (drive life, Trim support, SMART, etc) - CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World


    Missing that volume OSD?
    Well it's part of MediaSmart. Don't want to use MEDIASMART just for a buggy Volume OSD?
    Then download 3RVX - thanks to JJB
    3RVX: Skinnable Beautiful Volume Indicator For Windows 7
    With Envy Skin: 3rvx25 and envy skin.zip or 3rvx25_and_envy_skin.zip

    To uninstall the original on screen volume display, uninstall HP mediasmart smartmenu or Quickplay software.

    Can't get the Realtek Ethernet driver to install?
    Plug in ethernet cable that's connected to a network or computer. Try to install, let it fail(it will), then put the computer to sleep. Then wake it and it will finish installing correctly.
    Solution discovered by poster MagusDraco.

    Like the HP Stardock? Meh. Here's one better: ROCKETDOCK - About RocketDock - RocketDock.com

    Wifi Light stays blue? In SWSetup folder - find and install HPQL, reboot.
    Forgot to backup swsetup folder? Here's the HPQL uploaded by Magusdraco:

    Mute light not changing color? Install IDT High Definition Audio driver.
    See Justin's driver thread or HP driver downloads for it.

    Trouble updating BIOS? - discovered by shoalinX
    -Download .7z file (http://sites.google.com/site/androidfilez/SP49493.7z). This has a modified Config file.
    1.Download the bios sp file
    2.extract the sp file to a folder(normally goes to C:\SWSetup\SP49999\)
    3.extract the winflash file using 7zip.
    4. open the config file labeled "platform.ini"
    4a. find [ForceFlash] and All=0. change All=1. save and close
    5. run InsydeFlash

    HP tools partition is NOT required.

    Updating ATI Video Driver?
    You need to install HP's ATI graphics drivers first, then you can install ATI latest over it.
    This is because the HP driver has what is necessary for switchable graphics.

    See this driver install guide by poster HTwingnut: http://forum.notebookreview.com/6582113-post2587.html

    Forgot to save Original Wallpaper?
    You can download it here (uploaded by poster Tornbaccus): Envy 14 Wallpapers.rar

    Want the original theme back? - Thanks to poster nrq007
    Stardock MyColors Notebook Desktop Themes HP Envy 15-1050nr Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)


    LINUX on the ENVY 14

    Windows 7 system recovery ISO

    If you get startup problems and don't have a retail or OEM Windows 7 disk, you can use the following startup repair/system recovery option.
    It's a downloadable ISO that just contains Windows 7 startup repair for 32 and 64bit versions.

    Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs — The NeoSmart Files

    Guide to replace optical drive with HDD. By poster gertch


    And lastly...
    SANITY CHECK - posted by ciaol611
    From: xkcd: Online Package Tracking



    NEED TO RETURN YOUR HP NOTEBOOK? You've got 21 days from day of delivery* to do so.
    *Day of delivery means day it's delivered to your address.

    From HP's Website: (Thanks to poster Butr0sButr0s)

    To process a return or exchange

    We only accept returns for orders placed with the HP Home & Home Office Store by phone or online. We can not accept returns or exchanges for the HP Parts Store, the HP Small & Medium Business Store, repairs, or any other online store or retail outlet.

    Returns requests can be initiated by phone, or for many products by online chat.
    Step 1: Request a return material authorization number (RMA)
    * Call 1-888-650-1544 or use online chat (details below).
    * An RMA is required for all returns and exchanges.

    Step 2: Print your Return Label
    * You will promptly receive an email notification from FedEx that your HP Home & Home Office pre-paid return shipping label is available.
    * Follow the enclosed link to FedEx and print the label as soon as possible. This label will expire 5 days after issuance.

    Step 3: Prepare your package for return.
    * Replace the product in its original packaging, making sure to include all items originally in the box
    * Remove, mark-out, or cover any original shipping labels and affix the new label
    * Write in bold letters on the package: "RMA [your return material authorization number]". For example: RMA R123456789
    * Take the package to any FedEx package drop-off location within 5 calendar days of the RMA issuance.​

    Simple as that.

    NEED TO CONTACT HP? The "Consumer Resolution Line" 888-227-8451


    TEAM ENVY USER BARS: - by poster Tornbachus

    Right click them for the URL, then paste the URL into your sig surrounded by image tags.
    BE sure to read forum rules about sigs for you don't get in trouble.




    BY poster ademmer -


    Link to Original Owner's lounge: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/493715-official-hp-envy-14-owners-lounge.html

    Link to Owners Lounge Part Deux: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-...14-envy-14-beats-owners-lounge-part-deux.html
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    Starting again since the other thread was too large. Something which might have scared off new posters.

    Try to make new posters feel welcome so they use the lounge instead of starting new threads.

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    and then there was a new owner's lounge.

    also, I had to reformat my envy 14.

    never install visual basic pro 2005 onto windows 7.

    they aren't compatible.
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    Wow, part three already.

    Is there gonna be another thread for the next (possible) refresh?
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    If and when a refresh comes out, you betcha.
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    Hope the refresh won't disappoint!
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    is the GPU on the 14 upgradeable?
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    no. it's part of the motherboard
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    oh hey. The latest GPU-Z shows voltage for the GPU on my envy.

    0.95 Volts.
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    Try playing a game. Go back to GPU-z. Does it show 1V? When overclocking or playing games, AMD GPU Clock tool reports 1V for my i7 envy
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