Hp envy 13 Nvidia mx150 (REALLY Bad performance on nvidia graphics )

Discussion in 'HP' started by ritto123, Mar 25, 2018.

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    I have that feeling to,at least they opened the pc lol ,because i checked and on top of cpu and gpu on copper thing, i use to have black sticker covering that ,like insulation sticker or something like that,and i can see now that sticker was ripped, and they glued again there, but not like before,but dont know if they changed board,they just send me paper with ...test passed,test passed ...lol

    the test i had done before i send pc to repair,on bios with hp software that is bundled on bios ,and like them all test passed ok,cpu,board etc.
    but what i know the problem is here,and im not quit, i cant have this pc with this performance,im on warranty and im in talks,they doing again remote assistance to try figure out,but no sucess...

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