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Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by jke, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hola a todos,
    for those of you who are still suffering from a problematic display lock on their HP Elitebook 6930p (and probably also other Elitebooks), here's a quick fix I've used today which worked. In fact, I had already tried this fix in the past but it never worked, and now I just tried it again, disassembled my laptop and used some pliers on the metal bar inside that locks the display in place when closed:


    1. disassemble your laptop, remove the display
    2. find the metal bar in front (as pictured)
    3. remove it (remove the SD card reader plastic cover first, it's fixed on one side, push out from the inside of the laptop case)
    4. carefully bend the fork that's supposed to cover the little grey push button by using 2 pliers, make sure it doesn't brake
    5. you may even want to extend the springs underneath these grey buttons to give them a bit more tension
    6. reassemble everything up to the point where the display is back in place and see how it works - you may have to redo it to find the optimal position

    I understand that this applies to 6930p from 2008 and 2009, and that the laptop comes with 3yrs warranty. However, the last time I had send it in to Jabil in Poland (service agency for German customers on behalf of HP), the Polish "experts" ruined it even more and never really fixed it.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for a solution to the problem.
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    Sorry for little offtopic here :)

    That's why I prefer to personally bring my laptop to HP's service partner in my city, it is the same company that does the onsite repair services for computers and printers. They repair it themselves so I can bring any issues directly with them afterwards if necessary.

    Pretty much every major city should have at least one, since it isn't efficient to drive around the country with a trunk full of spares. Not necessarily all of them deal directly with customers but it doesn't hurt to ask (if you find one near you).
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