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*HP EliteBook 2560p Owners Lounge*

Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by master blaster, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. master blaster

    master blaster Newbie

    Feb 14, 2013
    2560p Owners Lounge
    Release Date: May 9, 2011

    Official HP Press Release: HP 2560P News Release - May 9th, 2011
    Key highlights from above link:

    Additional Photos can be found at the NoteBookReview.com and Laptopmag.com reviews: NoteBookReview.com ; Laptopmag.com

    HP Elitebook Background/History

    Wikipedia - HP Elitebook

    HP 2560p Reviews:

    NoteBookReview - HP 2560p Review
    laptopmag - HP 2560p Review
    PCWorld - HP 2560p Review
    NoteBookCheck - HP 2560p Review

    Notebook Comparisons


    HP Elitebook: 2510P , 2530P , 2540P , 2560P Comparisons

    View attachment 88930

    Customized 2560P systems

    Additional Modifications
    2.5" sata bay
    SATA optical bay
    NBR Rating​
    SimoxTav unknown
    hdd: 250GB
    :thumbsup: i7-2630QM GTX560Ti DIY eGPU, 8GB ram
    vnwhite ssd: 256MB Crucial C300
    hdd: 750GB​
    :thumbsup: DC_optimized, i7-2820QM, 6300AGN, 8GB 1866MHz RAM

    Additional SSD information can be found here: TomsHardware

    Operating System, Support, Drivers, Disassembly Guide

    2560p Drivers Link, 2560p Manuals Link, 2560p Maintenance And Service Link, Media Services Link w/ video
    NBR - Popular HP Notebook Software Collection ; great info for HP notebook owners
    Windows 7 OEM Source - For Clean Installs : includes additional HP installation contents needed for a Win7 clean install media.
    http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-compaq/309237-hp-compaq-desktop-wallpapers.html#post4025716 : Source of stock wallpapers from the HP notebooks

    Storage Information

    Optional hotswappable 9.5mm (2.5") HDD/SSD added through Optical-Drive Bay. 2560P examples: SimoxTav or newmodeus.
    e-sata/usb cable, Info need for external storage

    Expansion Information

    USB 3.0
    WWAN/WIFI cards: WWAN/WIFI cards the 2560P can use.

    2560p System Modifications

    Flashing F.01 bios to a 2560P : needed to regain 1866Mhz RAM support.
    HPFancontrol: set custom fan settings for 2560P by pejx
    Performance: running 1600, 1866 or 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM in a 2560p : Thread regarding various RAMs in 2560p.
    DC_optimized: maximize battery life, vnwhite &.
    : Third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstyk
    Dual-Channel RAM: (1x4GB vs 2x4GB)
    How to enable Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot
    Disconnect upgrade bay caddy diagnostic pin

    Other Useful Information

    Retrofitting webcam to non-webcam models : How to add webcam
    EliteBook NightLight mod: increase efficiency of nightlight
    Obtaining an expresscard blank: If you lose your drive cover, how to order a replacement

    Hardware Schematic Diagram - Inventec_Styx_MV.pdf (HP Elitebook 2560P).

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  2. XS850SG

    XS850SG Notebook Enthusiast

    Jun 10, 2011
    Interesting. I got a spec sheet from HP at the time of order that lists the weight starting at 3.84lbs with the ODD and so 4.18 w/ the 6 cell.

    See attached.

    I had looked at the Lenovo X220 also, but it was more money, and less laptop (no odd for example).

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  3. User Retired 2

    User Retired 2 Notebook Nobel Laureate NBR Reviewer

    Dec 31, 2008
    Your specs list a 3-cell battery. Each battery cell is around 50grams, so 1.75+3*50=1.90, which is close to the 1.94kgs I have listed. The X220 at 1.45kgs and Dell E6220 at 1.59kgs are substantially lighter, but neither has an internal ODD.

    The 2560P has the QM67 sata port layout as follows:

    port0 and port1 are the only 6Gb/s capable ports on this chipset as discussed in http://forum.notebookreview.com/tos...ortege-r835-sata-iii-support.html#post7609469 . No capping is applied by the bios so port0 and 1 run at full 6Gb/s speed.
  4. butwhyme

    butwhyme Notebook Enthusiast

    Sep 23, 2010
    Hi All,

    I thought I'd post initial impressions of my new 2560p, as there is virtually no proper reviews I can find on the internet. I will update it as I have more time.

    It replaced a beloved HP elitebook 2530p which unfortunately died.

    1x4GB DDR3, 160GB Intel SSD
    DVDRW, WWAN, Wifi ABGN, Bluetooth etc

    Blows away my old w500 with a T9600 and a Seagate Momentus XT, and of course the 2530p. It boots into windows 7 in about 16sec (from entering boot bios password until it becomes usable - not clean install). From power button to bios password is about 2 seconds.

    Windows Experience Index(Win 7 Pro 64) : (sorry I have no proper benchmark programs)
    Processor 7.1
    RAM 5.9 (with a second 4GB DDR3 module it became 7.5)
    Aero 4.6
    Gaming 6.2
    HD 7.6

    Its a little annoying that it came with Win 7 Pro 32 bit, so I had to reload everything.

    Overall, super snappy and leaves little to be desired.

    I don't mind the new aspect too much, the res is decent (1366x768) 12.5". The viewing angles are better than the 2530p. It is super bright, and is a matte non reflective surface. The brightness however is a little bit less than the 2530p.

    combo USB/Esata is nice to have, but USB 3 would be even better. Its a pity it doesn't seem to have an "always on USB" for charging. Otherwise 2 x USB2. I personally appreciate the venerable modem port as I do use it for something very old fashioned called faxing ;-) But most people won't care for it. It has VGA out and Displayport. The expresscard 34 is greatly appreciated. There's no longer a dedicated microphone port.

    The SD card slot disappoints as a card inserted in it sticks out from the side by nearly 5mm (see photos in a post further down).

    I can't begin to describe how much HP has got this wrong, though I personally hate chiclet keyboards. The feel is terrible - you have to press the keys much harder than my 2530p or Lenovo W500, which means if you're a touch typer, you'll hit the key, but it may not register. I feel fatigued typing for medium periods of time.

    Then there's the layout. I know HP is going after the macbooks in design, but not having a dedicated page up / down and home / end key is unforgivable on a "business" notebook. Why there's a dedicated "scroll" and "pause" key instead is beyond me. What was wrong the with 2530p/2540p design - the best keyboard I've used? The up and down keys are too small and too close together.

    At least there's no flex in the keyboard. I also do like the proper keys (admittedly only 3 for wireless toggle, internet hot key, and mute) rather than touch sensitive buttons.

    The carried over keyboard light is a welcome feature.

    Responsive. Gestures. Ability to turn it off. It has a glass surface so its very smooth. Decent size. No complaints.

    about 300g heavier than the equivalent 2530p. Using my bathroom scales, I get it at around 1.9-2kg with the DVD drive and 6cell battery. I'm not impressed given that there's many 13 - 14" laptops around this weight. My guess is they've deliberately made it weigh more to make room for their upcoming super light ultrabooks. Apparently you can get a plastics kit that has a weight saver instead of the optical drive to shave off 100g.

    Rock solid. More solid than the 2530p, and (tough call) also the Lenovo w500. There is no flex at all on the base of the unit. A nice touch is the one latch mechanism that takes off the whole bottom to get to the HD / RAM / modules for easy upgrade. The screen latch is very positive, and there's not really much flex in the screen itself. I have no doubt it will survive a beating.

    Slightly thicker than the 2530p, and about 2 cm wider. While its front edge is about 2mm thicker than the 2530p, its hinge edge is the same thickness. Its a bit disappointing that with the larger footprint, it didn't become slimmer. At least a 2.5" drive makes upgrading a little easier.

    A little louder than the 2530p (which was a low voltage), but overall not too bad. It seems to go full blast the moment it turns on, then quickly winds down to something a bit more acceptable. It doesn't seem to get hot enough to bother one's lap - even on charge.

    WWAN performance:
    Brilliant compared to the 2530p - 5 bars where I used to get 3 bars. Faster to lock onto the network. It still occasionally drops out, and needs to reboot the WWAN card to reconnect. This has happened with my 2510p and 2530p and w500 on multiple networks, but the connections seem to be more stable.

    Unfortunately not compatible with the batteries of the 2530p. I've only done about 3 cycles, and seem to get about 6 hrs at medium brightness, balanced mode, with WWAN or WIFI on. It has the LED gauge on it which is useful for checking its charge without turning on the laptop. The 6 cell still sticks out the back of the laptop. It comes with a long life battery, which is down slightly on capacity, but is supposed to need replacing less frequently, and hence is covered by a three year warranty. Quick charge is still there.

    The power pack is compatible with the 2530p.

    I've had 5 HP laptops, and every time I've had an issues, despite their overseas call centre, they have been fantastic. The fact that I've had so many issues is a slight worry (but my two Lenovo's and 1 Dell also have had issues - ie every single laptop I've bought). The next day onsite warranty was brilliant. The DOA procedure of my 2530p was a painless process.

    Photo 4: Suspect keyboard layout
    Photo 5: Left edge - DVDRW, Smart card, RJ11 and RJ45, power
    Photo 6: Back - Battery, VGA and 2 x USB2
    Photo 7: Right edge - Expresscard 34, SD, Displayport, Esata/USB2 combo, Kensington Lock, Docking station port
    Photo 8: Underside - note left latch removes the service panel, battery with LED charge levels
    Photo 9: Underside with service panel removed. Note two small crotch speakers assymetrically placed

    Pros: Performance, expandability
    The keyboard!!!!!
    Super expensive in Australia ($3800 - seriously????)
    Super heavy by ultra portable standards

    I've had the 2510p, the 2530p and I have loved the HP's 12" series. If they could swap the keyboard of the 2560p I'd love it too, despite the weight blow out.

    Hope you've found this helpful.

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  5. butwhyme

    butwhyme Notebook Enthusiast

    Sep 23, 2010
    I was wondering about the lack of reviews - I'm sure Australia is not the 1st to receive this laptop.

    I've got the 2530p for probably one more night, so I'll try to take some photos for sure. The WWAN I've got in the 2530p was a un2400 el cheapo I bought off ebay, so its highly likely that this is the issue. It seemed to have poorer reception than my 2510p.

    Photos compared to a Lenovo w500 (15" workstation") and 2530p

    Photo 1: 2560p in middle
    Photo 2: Front edge profile with 2560p on left, 2530p on right
    Photo 3: 2560p below

    Photos of 2560p with the SD card sticking out the side despite being inserted fully

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  6. User Retired 2

    User Retired 2 Notebook Nobel Laureate NBR Reviewer

    Dec 31, 2008
    There are different WWAN cards used in the different HP25xP series:
    2510P: HP HS2300 (Sierra MC8775)
    2530P: HP UN2400/UN2420 (GOBI 2000)
    2540P: HP UN2420 (GOBI 2000)
    2560P: HP UN2430 (GOBI 3000)
    Definitely the WWAN card in your 2530P is the issue as your 2510P had better reception. The 2510P and 2530P have the same antenna layout. One good thing about the older 2510P and 2530P is they have unwhitelisted bios available. That then allowed me to fit a Sierra MC8780 to my 2530P here. The 2540P and 2560P have no unwhitelisted modified bios available. That's after a few pro bios modders on mydigitallife and bios-mods.com giving it a go.
  7. justinkw1

    justinkw1 Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Nov 27, 2007
    Just a quick note: I merged the 2560p hands-on review with the other thread.

    From now on, this thread is officially the 2560p owners lounge. :)
  8. XS850SG

    XS850SG Notebook Enthusiast

    Jun 10, 2011
    Got the 2560p in place now. Installed 8GB of Ram, and a 256GB SSD running SATA III.

    Boot time with initial load on the system was 9 seconds from the time I hit the power button to the time it was logged into windows.

    With all applications loaded and it on the domain, it's now 21 seconds from power button pressed to authenticated and ready to work.

    I'm very pleased.

    The unit itself is very sleek and yet rugged, feels like it will last another 5 years and million miles with ease. It's nice to have a lighter machine with an optical drive.

    I would also like to mention that the keyboard and touchpad are exceptional. I like the feel and response from these- an improvement over the older designs I think.
  9. butwhyme

    butwhyme Notebook Enthusiast

    Sep 23, 2010
    So I take it you answered your Q about SATA 2 or 3?

    100% agree about the physical durability. The touchpad is pretty good. The gestures are however not as fluid as I expected. I'm also beginning to wonder if my keyboard is defective.
  10. butwhyme

    butwhyme Notebook Enthusiast

    Sep 23, 2010
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