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Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by master blaster, Aug 12, 2009.

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    I have Daniel_K driver as well running win 10 and i can tell you it is not the problem. You have to re-install HP quick launch keys. Sometimes it gets corrupted even though it shows as installed in the control panel. Happened to me only once - re-installing it solved the Fn + F key problems. And one more thing, with the updated driver you get only up to OpenGL 2.1 but not OpenGL 3.
    Other than that - for all having problems on WIN 10 - i have 2 2530p's and both running Win 10. It works like a charm. Quick, snappy - true that i have a Kingston SSD in one of the machines and the second has a standard Toshiba HDD 160 GB . Both have 4 GB of RAM and run fluent, however the SSD one is without surprise faster and a boot-up time of only 10-12 sec.
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