HP DV5T Won't Start

Discussion in 'HP' started by Ugur, Jan 19, 2012.

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    after a year or over later changing my notebook's motherboard(since it was burnt while watching a youtube video :S), I wanted to clean the fan yesterday, and then put everything back and it didnt start at all..

    After 1 by 1 plug-in/out session, I finally found out that, if i plug touchpad flex cable in, laptop does not start.

    And assembled everything without that touchpad flexcable. Now, it seems to be working. However, touch volume control, mute, quickPlay on top and unplugged touchpad(which is clear why it does not work) does not do anything at all...And sometimes I need to press turn on button 3 times or a little bit harder or so.

    My laptop is probably 2yrs + old.
    Battery leaked and it does not keep anything anymore. I use power plug directly.
    Power plug light is on if i plug it in - so no problems with it.
    I never dropped my laptop so far.

    Any ideas?
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