HP dv5000z Review (pics, specs)

Discussion in 'Notebook News and Reviews' started by ZaZ, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I bought the DV5035NR a few weeks ago, it was on sale @ Best Buy for $1049.99. ML-40, 1 GB (2 x 512), DVD LightScribe Burner, WiFi, the whole 9 yards with the integrated graphics.

    The Good:
    - Very lightweight
    - UltraBright Screen
    - QuickPlay
    - Quiet
    - Cheap!
    The Bad:
    - Integrated graphics (not for gamers)
    - Glossy plastic around the keyboard scratches easily
    - Came with PC2700 RAM when Chipset supports PC3200
    - DIMM Protector Cover
    - Vent

    More about vent / cover:
    The underside vent that sucks the air in and blasts it out the back is a poor design. Unlike most laptops that have a fan directly visible through the vent, the one for the DV5000 is not visible. It is probably soemwhere between the bottom vent and the rear vent. This therefore creates an airflow problem and reduces the effectiveness of the fan to cool the computer.

    About the DIMM cover - When you open the cover to upgrade your DIMMs (which are PC2700, at least it was in my case), there is an aluminum plate that is protecting it held by two screws. HP was stupid in the fact that they attached these special rings to the screws such that the *only* way to remove this plate is to use a screwdriver AND a flat nose screwdriver - the flat nose to apply an upward prying force while using the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew it.

    Overall I love the laptop, aside from its minor quibbles. I am ordering 2 x 1 GB PC3200 RAM and a Hitachi 7K100 100 GB HDD for this. I will be installing Vista 64 Bit on here and hopefully everything'll work out wonderfullly!
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