HP dv5000z Processor Upgrade

Discussion in 'HP' started by 3Fees, Feb 26, 2019.

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    I had this older laptop in the closet and brought it out, after upgrading the HD drive to Samsung HM160HC-fastest and getting a usb2 tp link wireless adapter for it, I changed out the processor from Sempron to AMD ATHLON(Lancaster) T64 ML37 PROCESSOR - 2.0GHz, 1MB L2 CACHE.
    The 1 mb L2 cache from 128KB on the Sempron 3300 + (2 Ghz) is night and day difference--it boots faster and is much more responsive , both are 754 socket. The more L2 here the better. The ML37 can run 32/64 bit operating system where as the Sempron 3000+ 32 bit only.
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