HP Compaq NC8430 video driver that works with Win 10 x64?

Discussion in 'HP' started by bizzybody, Mar 4, 2019.

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    I've upgraded an NC8430 with a Core2 Duo CPU and the latest BIOS modded to remove the WiFi adapter whitelist. Also dropped in 4 gig of faster DDR2 RAM to go with the higher bus speed of the CPU.

    With build 1809 of Windows 10 x64 the only ATi Mobility Radeon X1600 driver I've found that will *install* is the WDDM one for Windows 7, from the Microsoft update catalog.

    That would be fine, if it worked correctly. When typing in the search box or right clicking on taskbar, the text is invisible. When the power management turns the screen off, then I touch the keyboard or trackpad to turn it back on, it comes up all black with just the mouse pointer. When I hold the power button to shut it down it quickly flashes the screen on correctly to taunt me as it turns off. :p

    Others I've tried 'install' but don't actually install. Trying to manually get them in with Device Manager either results in a BSOD or it lies to me after recognizing the proper driver, that it 'can't find the file'.

    What's *extra annoying* is the first boot screen with the Win 10 logo and the dot circle is in 1280x800, then it switches to 1024x768. The basic driver is capable of the higher resolution, Microsoft just won't allow it.

    SoftPaq SP43656.EXE *is* the latest Windows 7 driver from HP/Compaq. During install it says it is for the NC8430*, but setup just goes through the motions. Reboot and it still has the basic driver and won't allow the native 1280x800 display resolution.

    *and the NW8440 and NX8420
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