HP Compaq 620 and windows 10 Autumn update

Discussion in 'HP' started by rfmoore, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I was able to update my windows 7 home premium for free to windows 10 and then to windows creator with out trouble. I have just tried to update to windows Autumn edition without success. The installation freezes with a black screen. If I reboot the machine the installation again freezes at the 91% completed position. Originally I was able to restore my machine to the Windows 10 creator edition but after another attempt to install the Autumn edition I was unable to do even that. To get my system running again I had to reinstall Windows 7 from the copy originally place on a partition on my hard drive that had been created by HP. Can any one provide me with a method for installing the Windows 10 Autumn update on my machine or Reinstalling the original free assistive Win 10 version onto my Compaq 620?

    Reg Moore

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