HP 8770 W GPU is dead, Upgrade to Quadro P4000M possible?

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by 606320, Jul 14, 2018.

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    last night the gpu of my 8770w died (it was a Quadro k5000m nvidia)
    i could get a nvidia mxm gpu Quadro p4000m (pascal) for a relatively cheap Price. I read all the Reports About the upgrade Options, but i couldnt find anything about this card. There are Resellers who sell also the p5000m (but very expensive) so i think it should be possible to upgrade to the p4000m.

    I could Need some help or opinions from the experts here, what do you think, should i try it? do you think it fits to the configuration (Intel i7 3920xm) or os it the Overkill? How could i manage the bios Problem, because i think this gpu is not listed there?

    thanks for your help, best chris
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    That should be possible but that upgrade could require some mods for the vbios
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    I purchased a new HP Quadro K3100m from Ebay.

    The HP 8770w laptop I had is running with quadcore 3rd gen i7 processor and AMD Firepro M4000 graphics; with dual boot windows 10 and windows 7.

    I also bought a new heat sink, and thermal paste (Coolermaster) and thermal pads (GC Extreme) to use with the K3100.

    With the card installed, the laptop screen was blank but display was supported through the DP port, i checked it.

    Used Nvflash (dos version) to create a backup of the existing vbios.

    Then, flashed a dell vbios for k3100m with nvflash dos version, (using command:- nvflash -6 name.rom) and restarted. The display was only present in the laptop screen nos (not in DP port anymore); logged into windows 10, then installed Nvidia driver from the nvidia site - Optimal driver for enterprise for K3100m, installed it and re-started the machine. I got multiple flickering desktops (9-12) in the laptop screen.

    I restarted with windows 7, and removed amd driver and installed nvidia driver, got similar screen upon restart.

    After that I flashed the k3100m with another HP vbios, Since then, the laptop opens but black screen both in laptop screen as well as in DP port. I have not tried the VGA cable though since I do not have it.

    Can anybody guide me now

    1. to blind flash the original backup HP vbios to the card?

    2. a suitable vbios file to flash afterwards to make the new quadro k3100m to wok in my 8770w.

    I have attached the backup rom and two vbios rom used in my case.


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