HP 8760W - GTX 1070 upgrade

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    Hi guys, I need help/advice on this.

    I got old 8760w which I planned to upgrade with GTX 1070. I got 2 pcs of MSI cards, both are tested and working. Also laptop is equipped with DC panel, windows is installed under UEFI. I've done heatsink mod, everything goes very fine inside, I was really happy with progress. Anyway, problem is when I install graphic driver screen goes black, internal panel isn't detected by nvidia control panel anymore. I've tried with several different drivers (389, 391, 416 and 436), also tried several vbioses, all from MSI. Result was always the same. If I connect it over DP I can use card normally on external display.

    Any thoughts on this? I don't know if it's possible to be done or not? Should I get 8770w motherboard?

    Any advice would be very appreciated :)

    P.S. I'll upload some photos later

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