HP 8760 or Dell M6600 or Customised Macbook

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by ozzy00100, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hi There,

    I am looking to get a laptop for graphic design work. I've filled in the form below.

    1) What is your budget? £3000-£4000

    2) What size notebook would you prefer?
    e. Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen

    3) Where will you buying this notebook? You can select the flag of your country as an indicator. UK

    4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?

    I'm pretty impartial on the brand. The important thing for me is performance and usability. I am considering

    a) a custom 17" Apple MacBook Pro - 600GB SSD - 2.3 Quad i7 - 16GB | eBay

    b) Dell Precision 6600

    c) HP 8760 with dreamcolor

    d) Fujitsu h910

    5) Would you consider laptops that are refurbished/redistributed?


    6) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?

    Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya

    7) Will you be taking the notebook with you to different places, leaving it on your desk or both?


    8) Will you be playing games on your notebook? If so, please state which games or types of games?

    Will not be playing games

    9) How many hours of battery life do you need?

    Not a main priority

    10) Would you prefer to see the notebooks you're considering before purchasing it or buying a notebook on-line without seeing it is OK?

    Ideally would like to, but not the main priority

    11) What OS do you prefer? Windows (XP or Vista or Windows 7), Mac OS, Linux, etc.

    Don't mind

    Screen Specifics

    12) From the choices below, what screen resolution(s) would you prefer? Keep in mind screen size in conjunction with resolution will play a large role in overall viewing comfort level. Everyone is different. Some like really small text, while others like their text big and easy to read. Click here for Screen resolution information.

    17inch with around 1920 by 1080

    13) Do you want a Glossy/reflective screen or a Matte/non-glossy screen?

    Don't mind - but anti glare preferably.

    Build Quality and Design

    14) Are the notebook's looks and stylishness important to you?

    Would be nice, but not a priority

    15) When are you buying this laptop?

    Fairly soon - within 2 weeks

    16) How long do you want this laptop to last?


    Notebook Components

    17) How much hard drive space do you need; 80GB to 640GB? Do you want a SSD drive?

    Definitely want a minimum of 256 GB on an SSD drive but about 750GB altogether. Is the Pegasus thunderbolt any good ?

    18) Do you need an optical drive? If yes, a CDRW/DVD-ROM, DVD Burner or Blu-Ray drive?

    Don't mind if it is external

    Other comments

    a) I am wondering if a custom macbook pro, which was attached to Pegasus via thunderbolt would match a precision dell on after effects

    b) Does the dell M6600 screen come close in quality to the dreamcolor

    c) Given the same spec which is better for performance M6600 or HP 8760 ?

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