How would you set this network up?

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    I would like your input on how to setup this network - to give me ideas on how to best pull it off.

    ISP is a fiber internet provider in Mexico.

    Current configuration:
    ISP modem port LAN 1 - Arris Surfboard mAX Mesh network - 1 satellite
    ISP modem port LAN 2 - Linksys Velop - 1 satellite
    Arris Surfboard Satellite LAN 1 - Apple Airport Express

    Reasoning for the setup

    Had an existing network in the house of the Linksys Velop Mesh. Didn't have the network at all in the bungalow. We bought the 802.11ax Mesh Network for the range increase and some speed. We upgraded our laptop network cards to 802.11ax.

    I am considering putting both the Airport Express and the Velop systems into "bridge" mode. I would connect the main Velop into LAN port 1 on the Surfboard instead of going through the ISP's LAN 2 connection.

    This should enable me to use the same SSID throughout the entire network, correct? The same network key would be used, correct?

    Let me know what your thoughts are and how you would handle it.

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