How To Turn Your Smartphone into a Business Phone

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    Having more than one phone number often makes sense, just like some people have one email address for business and another for personal communications. When it comes to a work-life balance, having separate work and business numbers (each with its own voice mail) is an easy way to let work-related calls after 6PM go directly to voice mail, and similarly defer personal calls during working hours. Also, it can help simplify accounting and billing.

    HKJ02504-e1348173605201The question is: can mobile users get an additional phone number to create the effect of two phone lines on one device?

    The answer: Yes, you certainly can.

    The cost can range anywhere from free to $25 a month and up, depending on what you want, and possibly, how many calls you make.

    There’s a wide spread in features and capabilities in services that can offer you an additional phone number. Some services, like Line2 and BusinessCall, supply an additional phone number. For others, like Google Voice and Skype, it’s simply one of many capabilities of the service. In addition to a second phone number, many services also offer related options, ranging from texting to faxing and video calling.

    This article looks at some of the services that will give you a “phone number,” meaning it can be called from any phone or smartphone, without the need for another app or account just to reach it, although some services may require an app or access to a web site in order to answer the calls.

    Unless explicitly noted, none of these services require any new hardware, though they may require an app or other software.

    (Important reminder: these services may not be good for making 911 or other emergency calls.)

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