How To Turn Off Bitlocker Temporary For Cloning?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Drew1, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Will be cloning from a 2.5 inch 250gb samsung ssd into a new 1tb NVME Samsung Evo that i bought. I also have a 32gb m.2 ssd in the laptop... so 2 hard drives in my laptop... but only want to have the new 1tb NVME samsung evo in it so i could put the bigger 84wh battery in the machine... which i also have.

    I know i need to turn off bitlocker before i clone it. Now everytime i turn on my windows 10 pro laptop, i always have to enter a pin... then a windows password before i get to main screen. How do i turn off bitlocker... and if i do... the next time i start up the hard drive...which would be the cloned 1tb NVME Samsung Evo, i know when i i first start the laptop up, it won't ask me for a bitlocker pin. But will it ask me for windows 10 password? So turn both off right?

    Now assuming the cloning went good, then when i turn on bitlocker again and windows 10 password, i like to use the same bitlocker pin and windows 10 password. So i would have to enter the bitlocker pin and windows 10 password completely new right? Like i can't disable both of them now and enable them later and they know to use the exact same bitlocker pin and password?
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    This means you didn't turn it off and until the one that created that lock disable the pin it will ask every time. You have to reconnect it to the system that created the PIN to disable it. Cloning to another system will not permit you to disable it. This is why I always advise people using bitlocker doesn't help to protect but causes more headache then it helps. A simple User password is more then sufficient to prevent users from logging in.

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