How to stop beep sound when go to 4 volume or lower ?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by kneehowguys, May 16, 2018.

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    Suddenly after months of this never happening, when I use my bluetooth headset there is a beep indicator sound when I switch volume to 4 or lower. Or when I mute.

    That is a bummer because my main use of the bluetooth headsets is to listen to audio to relax before sleep and it is super useful to be able to just mute the audio eyes closed away from the tablet using a wireless keyboard but now there is a beep sound when I do it, which makes me more awake which goes against me trying to fall asleep. Could take off headset too but that physical action also makes me feel more awake.

    Windows system sounds are already off. I am not sure if there is a way to disable this sound or if this is somehow intentional that windows has this indicator sound now as of May 16 2018 for bluetooth headsets when you push mute on your keyboard. I somehow doubt this is intentional though because for some reason I get that mute sound for volume of 2 or 4 as well.

    I could use wired earbuds but being tethered to something seems to be detrimental for falling asleep for me.
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