How to reply to posts using multi-quote and inline replies

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    Multi-Quote lets you quote multiple posts in one reply:

    1.) On the first post, click the +Quote link which is located directly to the left of the normal Reply link. It will change to -Quote indicating that the post is selected (you can click the link again to deselect the post).

    2.) Click the +Quote link for each post you want to reply to

    3.) Click the Insert Quotes button underneath the message editor to insert the quotes.

    Inline Reply Style lets you quote and reply to individual lines of text from a post throughout a single reply:

    1.) Click the Reply link as you normally would.

    2.) Move to the end of the quoted post to get to the end-QUOTE tag: [/QUOTE]

    3.) Cut the end-QUOTE tag and paste it in at the end of the first chunk of text that you are replying to.

    4.) Highlight (select with the cursor) the next line or paragraph of text you want to reply to, and click the QUOTE tag button to wrap QUOTE tags around it or just type them yourself.
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