How to recover lost recovery backup/partition

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    If for some reason you lost recovery partition, or you formatted factory SSD and you forgot to backup through control center (I just did ) it is possible to recover factory structure of ssd disk as if laptop was taken out of the box for first time and maintains functionality of F9 recovery button.

    1: You need external usb memory capacity more than 32GB

    2: Update System Backup to V8.3_Build_20210414 from:

    3: Launch control center and use System Backup -> chose yours external usb memory.

    4: Wait for process to complete.
    If everything goes as planned, you should see this directory structure on external memory:

    5: We are interested in GIGABYTE folder:
    Probably location:
    X:\GIGABYTE\Display Profiles

    will be empty because you lost recovery partition and (X is a letter of your usb flash drive etc).

    6: From C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color copy yours Pantone like GGG_xxxxxx lcd calibration profile and paste to X:\GIGABYTE\Display Profiles
    (xxxxxxx is a name of yours LCD panel. Like my is GGG_SHP14C5 that is Sharp LQ156M1JW03 (SHP14C5)

    7: You need a Gigabyte windows SWM image files. This files is from my friend recovery partition with date 23-03-2021 and control center v21.03.23.01. This image is for everyone and it differs only in newer files like control center, windows update etc. (if you want newer image ask someone for upload files from aorus/aero on intel 11gen).

    8: Download SWM files from my link - 13GB:
    Unpack with 7zip and paste to X:\GIGABYTE\Image on usb memory like on my screen

    9: I
    f everything worked out, you should now have it working bootable USB flash drive with system recovery and partition structure.

    For me system has been restored to factory windows without any problems and also calibration color profiles etc!
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