How to properly update a free boatware installation

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Nweeb, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Hello guys,

    Tired of all these apps and useless features from windows 10, I made some researches and found the "free boatware windows 10". Specially this one ;

    Which I made. Now I love my new version of windows 10. (I have like 10% ram utilization less than before) but I'd like to take the fall creator update. How can I do this ?
    Innocently I tried to run the windows update, and made them. But it gives back every useless apps/settings/Cortana/...

    Also on Phonix's post, there's a link to update windows and adobe in spoiler. When I'm trying to run them, there's an error
    "Windows update Standalone Installer
    The update is not applicable to your computer"

    I found others boatwares versions in fall creation update, but they don't have the Windows store or Adobe which I'd like to keep.

    Sorry if these questions seems to be obvious for you, I'm not into these things usually.
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    I no longer support any bloatware free edition due to how hard Microsoft has made it for these tools like MSMG to work with. The last attempt I did with the MSMG Toolkit 8.0 resulted in Windows updates failing

    but here's the latest MSMG Toolkit usage guide that I made if you still wanna try your luck

    Now what I do is just install Windows 10, then use CCleaner to get rid of all the Windows Store apps that I want from the CCleaner Tool menu on the left pane, then use O&O ShutUp 10 to disable telemetry and all the other privacy invasion stuff
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    I've done a StandAlone install and don't see any bloatware your talking about with just the Windows 10x64 install USB created from the Win ISO image with FCU verison. Cortana is part of the software and not really a Bloatware but part of it. So we have to separate what is real bloatware from what is built in Software. I gone online and found various Regedit to stop Cortana and customize W10 to look more efficient and turning off Tiles and Unpin them and remove them forever make it look like W7 but is still W10. So you need to search the internet they already have solutions out there already but you have to look for them. There is too many show here but I use 9 customs Regedit software to fix W10 to make it work better. And this was because I went looking as I was those whom started using W10 when it came out in 1607 version. I had to do alot of digging to find what I needed that works for me so this is why you have to look for those that will fit your needs. And if you don't then you should take it to a computer shop and ask them help with the setup so you can make a more cleaner W10 system. W10 Pro does have alot of configuration you can control from the start but you must look through each one of them.

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