How to install Fedora on Alienware 17 R3?

Discussion in '2015+ Alienware 13 / 15 / 17' started by sagarbhathwar, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. sagarbhathwar

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    There is no single way in which I haven't experimented to install Fedora on my Alienware 17 R3, but, due to some reason, fedora just doesn't get install(mostly, doesn't even boot to the install section)

    OS to install - Fedora 23
    USB created using Rufus
    Laptop - Alienware 17 R3, i7-6700HQ, Nvidia GTX 970M, 16GB RAM, Windows 10

    1. Just try without changing anything
    Result - Doesn't boot. Invalid signatures error due to secure boot being turned on

    2. Turn off secure boot
    Result - USB is booted, but before there is any option asking for installing it on the drive, there is a failure saying there is some problem with 'nouveau' drivers

    3. Boot in basic graphics mode
    Result - Goes upto some extent, but hangs on the Screen showing fedora symbol

    4. Legacy boot with secure boot turned off
    Result - This time, I can go upto installing fedora on my machine!! Using basic graphics mode(the troubleshooting mode), BUT
    When I reboot the machine and select fedora.... "Operating System not found. Select a proper boot device"... Woah!

    As you can see, I have basically run out of options here. Only option is to completely erase windows and then 'TRY' installing fedora as-is.. Well, I don't want to do that for obvious reasons

    Any help, workarounds or anything that helps me successfully setup fedora on my laptop will be greately appreciated.

    P.S. - I could easily install Ubuntu GNOME. But the wifi doesn't work in that. Any guesses as to which wifi drivers I should install?

  2. orancanoren

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    I don't know about Fedora but I have Ubuntu 15.10 installed on my AW17r2 and despite the issues with the network driver, I was able to get the WiFi card functional. There are guides for getting the Killer Wireless 1525/1535 working on Linux environments online. It will require you to deal with some commands but in the end you should be able to get it working.
  3. raiden87

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    There is a Problem with Secure Boot and Windows 10. If u dont need w10 then just delete all partitions and let Fedora use the First hdd (sda).
    Secure Boot doesnt work with Linux and 17r3 right now. At least it doesnt work for me... Grub refuses to work etc.
    To get the killer1535 working u just have to upgrade on the newest Linux Kernel and Download a firmware file from killernetwork homepage.
    Dont use nouveau.. Use standard vesa driver instead
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