How to import your Google Chrome/Firefox bookmarks into Safari

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    Sure you can easily do it if you actually have a device running MacOS by simply exporting your bookmarks as an HTML file and importing it back in Safari.

    But what if you were someone who does not own a device running MacOS and simply have an iPhone or iPad but still want your bookmarks synced?

    This guide will help you do this within a couple of minutes:

    1) Download iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store

    2) Run it, then sign-into your iCloud Account

    3) Select what you want to sync, in my case, I only needed to sync my bookmarks for now

    4) Hit the Options button to the right of the Bookmarks button then choose the browser(s) that you want to sync from

    5) Once you hit apply, you will be prompted to install the required extension for your browser, in my case using Chrome, I had to download the iCloud Bookmarks extension

    6) I had to completely exit Chrome (or Firefox) for it to work because at first, when I hit the sync button in the iCloud for Bookmarks app, it kept prompting me to reinstall that extension again so what I did was click on the three little dots on the top right of the Chrome Window then hit Exit

    7) Now you can re-launch Chrome again

    Then follow the below illustration and within a few seconds, all your bookmarks will be on your iPhone/iPad

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    Thank You for the guide!

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