How To: Get CPU microcodes in decompressed format. Software included!

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by James D, Dec 28, 2011.

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    CPU microcodes are in BIOS and they tell to motherboard how to work with CPU.
    Updated microcodes are mostly for increasing stability of processors. Also new microcodes fix found errors and may influence on performace.

    You can always download .dat file with latest microcodes on typing in search bar "microcode" but this supported only by Linux.
    But 1 smart guy (not me) created software to decode dat file in appropriate bin formats.

    Therefore you can manually put them in your bios and flash it.

    This is a link for decompressing microcodes provided by him
    New microcodes search here

    How can you use microcodes? If you have AMI Bios (APTIO) then you can easily put new microcodes using MMTool 4.5.
    Links for modding tools for AMI BIOS (in current VAIOs, Alienwares, Asus's etc) are in the first post of this thread
    If you have bios exe file use 7zip to get your rom file.
    load that file using MMTool and you will see all your CPU microcodes supported by your BIOS and their revision, date.

    Read more about microcodes on wiki.

    I do not recommend you to flash modded BIOS unless you know what are you doing. This thread is made for people who are techy in this. Flashing BIOS is risky procedure.
    If you are new to this and still want to mod your BIOS you better ask other people who is professsional BIOS modder to mod your BIOS.
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