How To Dual Boot ThinkPad P51 From Either the 500GB 7200rpm HDD or the 256GB SSD PCIe MLC OPAL2

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by phaedruspress, Nov 26, 2017.

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    I just ordered this laptop. I am going to assume that the OS is going to come installed on the faster SSD. I do not want to use the HDD for only data etc. I want to upon boot up be given the opportunity to dual boot WIN 10 from either the HDD or the SSD. Is it as simple as using the media creation tool and getting a win 10 iso and installing it to the HDD and then when I boot up I will see a menu asking me which drive I want to boot from. Do I have to mess with the bios? Do I have to remove the SSD first and only install with the HDD connected or can I leave the SSD in and just install a fresh copy of win 10 on the HDD. Again, upon boot up I want to be presented with a screen asking my if I want to boot from the HDD or the SSD. Any links and or advise on how to accomplish this is much appreciated. Thank you

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