How to disable TVT Backup (Protection) Service (rrpservice and rrservice)

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by AaronCompNetSys, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Here is a safer and more reliable way to disable this service than the old thread states. I still have no idea what the service does. Using this method can be very useful for other processes in Windows, like a virus scan service or a virus itself.

    The 2 services enable each other if you disable them in the Windows Services system. In order to disable them, you have to prevent them from detecting your changes. You can't kill them because they just restart.

    1. Use Process Explorer to find the 2 processes. (rrpservice and rrservice)
    2. Right click each process and choose "suspend"
    3. In Windows services (services.msc) find and double click the corresponding service.
    4. Set the service to "Disabled". Do not stop the service.
    5. Repeat for the other service.
    6. Go back to Process Explorer, and right click each process and choose "kill process".

    When you reboot, they should be gone.
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