How to clean a dirty/sticky laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by Drew1, Sep 28, 2020.

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    I had my dell xps 15 9550 since late 2016. I rarely use it by itself and have it hooked to 2 external monitors and an external keyboard. I noticed that when i finally am using it by itself with they keyboard without a monitor... my laptop is really dirty and sticky. Like the entire area to the left and below they keyboard is very sticky and stained.

    What can i use on the laptop to clean it? Its literally sticking my palms when im using the keyboard. I did use some of those screen wipes on it but it doesn't seem to do much? Do i wipe it with alcohol? I do recall in computer shops, you see them have those sprays that they use for cleaning laptop but is that what is needed for this? If you touch the area to the left and right of the keyboard and below it... near the touchpad, it is extremely sticky... like imagine you had those mouse glue traps.

    Do i buy products to clean it or go to a computer shop and ask if they could clean it? Like imagine you want to buy a used laptop on ebay and someone post a picture and you see like stains around the trackpad and near the keyboard to give you a picture of it. I don't know how it got like this as I always left it on a table and rarely even used the keyboard or anything.
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    I'm cleaning mine with Isopropyl Alcohol.
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    You need a degreaser. Sunlight dishwashing liquid.

    Use a good/thick microfiber cloth that you have left only damp and not dripping wet.

    Not dry, just not dripping.

    Turn the notebook upside down and keep rubbing it vigorously until all the gunk is gone.

    Now, wring the cloth as dry as you can and dry/polish the surfaces.

    Let it dry, inspect it carefully and repeat as necessary.

    If fully cleaned, repeat and rinse with a cloth in a similar manner. The 'stickiness' should be gone.

    Forget about any 'computer cleaning' products. Sunlight and a cloth is all you need.

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