How to boot NVME from ZBook 15/17 G1/G2 EASY METHOD

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    Edit, I make mistake in title, G1 only apply if you have motherboard swap to G2

    Hello many friends,

    Today I will show you easy method to boot from NVME

    Reason for me, is I have MXM B card (Quadro P3000) taking up DVD/RW bay in ZBook 15 G2, so I cannot install DVD to 2.5" adapter. I do not want to purchase big 2.5" SSD, I already have 500GB NVME and 1TB SATA.

    You will need RUFUS, CLOVER, and SD card

    SD card can be cheap and small, 1GB or less

    So, download RUFUS

    Download CLOVER

    Put SD card into computer

    Open DiskPart and CLEAN SD card

    Open RUFUS as administrator

    Install CLOVER ISO to SD card

    !!! DO NOT REMOVE !!!

    Go to SD card in File Explorer

    Go to EFI/CLOVER/Drivers/

    Inside OFF folder, copy NvmExpressDxe.efi to BIOS and UEFI folders

    Make sure ZBOOK is set to UEFI ONLY! No CSM!!! Make sure BOOT ORDER has SD CARD FIRST!!!

    Put SD card and NVME drive into ZBOOK

    Put Windows Install Media in LEFT USB !! Same side as ExpressCard! Will not work for other USB port!

    Boot from Windows Install Media, and install WINDOWS to NVME

    Then, when finished, boot CLOVER from SD card

    Boot from FIRST option, there may be as many as 4 option! If first option is black screen and no boot, try other boot option.

    Then once boot, SHIFT+F10

    Type shutdown /s, Wait for power off

    Put SD card into OTHER PC

    Find config.plist in EFI/CLOVER

    Line 303 is <integer>5</integer>

    Change to 0 for seamless boot~! Otherwise, if you like SPLASH SCREEN, this step not necessary.

    Sorrry for the sh*t English, I am from Russia :D

    Enjoy, and comment if this work for you

    Tested on ZBook 15 G2 and ZBook 17 G2 SK Hynix SSD and SAMSUNG PM991

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