How many use AW 17 with 120hz screen and still use Win 10?

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by Papusan, Aug 24, 2015.

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    ok i've been spoiled by youtube, anyone going to make a video on how to do this. Look at those files and instructions , i dont think i'll be able to do thi :(
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    I can't make a video as I have nothing to use to make the video demonstrating the fix since I don't have an Alienware with a bricked EDID that I can fix to demonstrate the process. If you are struggling with the instructions provided by @t456 (a few folks did) maybe a condensed version will help. You will still need to use the correct "clean" EDID file from his package so you have something to write to the EEPROM.

    You need to learn how to do this, because even if you replace the LCD panel there is always a chance it could happen again under the right (or wrong) conditions.

    Below are the steps I followed using a good spare display to fix the bricked one. You could skip the hotswap part if you can catch your machine at a point in time it is willing to POST:
    • Booted Mint Linux "Live" distro from my USB thumb drive
    • Downloaded this and extracted in "Downloads" folder: ChalkElec/write-edid
    • Downloaded this and extracted in "Downloads" folder: bulletmark/edid-rw
    • Installed these pre-requisite packages:
      Using terminal: sudo apt-get install python-smbus edid-decode
      Using terminal: sudo apt-get install edid-decode
      Using Synaptics Package Manager found and installed i2ctools, edid-decode, read-edid, libparse-edid-perl
    • Opened terminal in edid-rw folder and ran this command to confirm the right enumeration
      Command: sudo ./edid-rw 0 | edid-decode (returned errors and garbage, so display 0 not enumerated)
      Command: sudo ./edid-rw 1 | edid-decode (returned good EDID specs, confirmed display 1 was enumerated)
    • Downloaded my good SEC5448.bin file and put it in the write-edid folder
    • Set run permissions for write-edid program using terminal
      Command: chmod a+x
    • Hot-swapped corrupted display panel (unplugged good one, plugged in bad one)
    • Opened terminal in write-edid folder and ran this command to flash the EDID to EEPROM
      Command: sudo ./ 1 SEC5448.bin
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