Higher resolution LCD for Acer Aspire 5733z?

Discussion in 'Acer' started by bizzybody, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Got one of these as a freebie for recovering files from its damaged hard drive. Already ordered an i5 560M CPU to upgrade from the Pentium 6200. $12.75 on eBay. It has 4 gig RAM but I'm going to see if I can find 8 gig real cheap. Pop a new hard drive in and it'll be better than new.

    The only downer is the LCD. It's that #^#^#^ 1366x768 resolution the industry will not stop using. Is there a higher resolution panel from some other laptop that can replace the original?

    The previous owner of this laptop bought an all in one HP desktop to replace it. I took a look at the laptops at the store and every one under $500 had a 1366x768 display. Just. Let. It. Die! Make 1440x900 the low end display resolution! The clunky Acer 5315 WalMart doorbuster special from 2004 had a LCD with an 800 pixel vertical resolution. (1280x800)

    768 vertical pixels is what the IBM 8514A display adapter had way back in 1987. Adding 342 pixels in width to the 1987 vintage resolution of 1024x768 is supposed to be progress? That's 262,656‬ more pixels, which makes it even more like looking at your work through a mail slot.
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    Find what is the current lcd part number, and then check if the LVDS cable is 2 lanes or 4 lanes, if its 4 lanes you can fit a FHD display in there, if its 2 lanes, you need to find if there is a 4 lane LVDS cable that you can use in the laptop, then swap the cable and the display.

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