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Discussion in 'Networking and Wireless' started by Spartan@HIDevolution, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Tried them all basically.

    NordVPN = Doesn't work for me in Dubai

    Private Internet Access = used to be good, now it rarely works and if it works, I get very bad speeds.

    EpressVPN = Used to work perfectly for 2 years then it stopped working for me here in Dubai, it would keep disconnecting after a few minutes and the speeds were below average.

    VPN.AC = Same story, used to work great but stopped working for me at least.

    hide.me = I get not only good speeds but the exact same speed that I get from my ISP! That is unheard of! usually you always get slightly lower speed than what your ISP gives but with hide.me it's the same!

    They have a 0 logging policy. They are based in Malaysia.

    With 1 subscription, you are able to connect 10 devices simultaneously or easily configure it in your router if your router has a VPN client.

    Their customer services is superb and usually responds within 1 day.

    They do offer a free plan limited to 10 GB of data per month and only 5 locations

    when they get DMCA requests:

    Their speeds improved big time after they introduced the WireShark Protocol

    My Internet speed from my ISP is 600 MBPS Down/200 MBPS up but it sometimes reaches 670 MBPS down/220 MBPS up.

    When connected to the hide.me VPN, here is my speed test while connected to the UAE server:

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    Glad to hear you found a VPN that works well in your region and with your ISP.
    I used hotspot shield for many many years and would have stayed with it if they hadn't messed with my plan.
    I now use Nord VPN and it works very well for me in central Texas.
    I purchased a 3 year deal for $103 last year.
    When it expires and I'm still breathing air in a non radical socialist country I give Hide Me a shot if the reviews are still good.
    Some sites now including Google Search and AndroidPolice have a Captcha popup in order to access the site or service while using the Nord VPN.
    Those Captcha pictures are really tough on these old eyes.
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    I still use VPN.ac because I trust them. Speed doesn't really matter for me, to be honest - mostly care about privacy and security.
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    Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans for Chrome

    Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans for Firefox

    It will solve the most Captchas except the new ones made by hCaptcha. Just hit the orange icon when you'at at a Captcha screen and it will solve it for you
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    IN Nord VPN there's a search box where I've typed in server numbers between #3000 and #6999 to find as many active as I could and kept the results in a text file.
    There were many in the #3000 to #5000 range that I used but are no longer active.
    Some don't produce the Captcha popup while another in the same area will.
    #5539 = Dallas
    #5532 = Dallas
    #6437 = Dallas
    #5565 = LA
    #6236 = Austin
    #5520 = Providence UT
    #5522 = New York
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    I hope you have tested for VPN Leak testing https://nordvpn.com/blog/check-vpn-working/
    Malaysia/Singapore will give best possible speeds since most CDN/DNS server are present with Sub 0 ms latency and website/file you are searching seems to be in their cache and so you get super fast speeds.
    I never had any luck with VPN almost every free trial versions leaked my IP.
    Then again, most video streams are IP locked and VPN are no-go for apps such as Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar Premium etc.....
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    I tried Hide.me and while fast, its browser extension was too limited. Previously, I had been using TorGuard, and while it was great initially, speeds and reliability fell off a cliff. Nord and ExpressVPN killed my connection speeds.

    Right now I'm using Surfshark and have not seen any decrease in connection speeds. Neither the client software nor browser extension are as feature rich as some of the other providers, but they more than do the job that I need. I took advantage of the 80% off prepaid discount from a YT influencer, plus an additional $10 cash back from Rakuten, so in total, I got two years of service for less than $40.
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    Typical VPNs get a bad rap for slow speeds.

    The advent of WIREGUARD though has made a tremendous improvement. Since implementing Nord's NordLynx protocol I went ahead and implemented it household wide through my server/router and with a 1gbps pipe from Comcast I can get up to 970mbps depending on which server it connects to. Comparatively through the ipsec version would max out around 100mbps no matter the server it would connect to.

    There are a few other options out there for WG servers / providers but, since I already had 3 years of Nord for ~$80 it made sense to just use the proxy option which worked well for some tasks / apps in the meantime at sufficient speeds. The nordlynx though gives the option to encrypt everything and not sacrifice speeds due to overhead.

    nordvpn c us5412 (~970mbps) (PHX)

    Here's a list of servers I've connected to and run speed testing on:
    (a couple of them obviously aren't quite right as they exceed the line speed)

    Server Speed IP Location
    cr20 134 Costa Rica
    us5221 885 Dallas
    us5223 500 Dallas
    us5391 751 Las Vegas
    us5397 262 Las Vegas
    us5401 374 Las Vegas
    us5412 970 Las Vegas
    us5484 1092 Dallas
    us5536 942 Dallas
    **us5785 1836 Dallas
    us5790 569 Dallas
    us5793 672 Dallas
    us5880 651 Los Angeles
    us6094 496 Phoenix
    us6150 534 Dallas
    us6195 188 Phoenix
    us6196 437 Phoenix
    us6243 841 Dallas
    us6244 871 Las Vegas
    us6334 500 Dallas
    us6335 729 Dallas
    us6336 573 Dallas
    us6341 643 Dallas
    us6431 641 Dallas
    us6436 695 Dallas
    us6579 535 Dallas
    us6587 763 Dallas
    us6588 935 Dallas
    us6887 452 Dallas
    us6888 592 Las Vegas
    us6889 830 Dallas
    **us6891 1882 Dallas
    us6894 817 Las Vegas
    us6896 339 Dallas
    us6896 946 Dallas
    us6897 699 Dallas
    us6962 1314 Dallas
    us8106 591 Dallas
    us8128 842 Dallas
    us8129 147 Dallas
    us8132 752 Dallas

    I keep a list of them for higher speeds when it random connects to a saturated server.

    Here's the API list for the servers as well comparing functions / location.

    When they released NordLynx they disabled proxy on the servers that converted thus resulting in filed connections on the proxy side. There's 3 servers left w/ proxy enabled last time I checked.
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