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    quickly about me my old Alienware 18 , was a i7 4930mx, 32gb ram, 2 gtx 780m’s in sli, 512gb msata Samsung drive in raid 0 with a 512 go Samsung SSD drive and a WD data drive. Was great. Waste of money but aren’t they all. Lol
    I just got a Alienware 15r4
    I7- 8750H, gtx 1070 video card, (both supposed to have q-max tech but honestly couldn’t tell you). It totally destroyed my Alienware 18 with the 4930mx running at 4.1ghz and the 780’s in Sli running around 989mhz.

    Couple questions , is the i9 processor available for my machine worth upgrading too? Price wise I don’t see it personally,

    2) those bastards gave me 16GB ram in two 8gb sticks so I wanted 32GB but don’t really need it so that would be the last upgrade if any.

    3) here’s my issue. My 15 came with a m.2 256gb drive and a 1 TB data drive. I took my 512gb Samsung SSD drive from my 18 because well it’s balls to the wall fast but the 15 only has room for one 2.5 inch drive so I’m stuck with only the 512GB SSD. Second problem is I was going to also take my 512GB msata drive from my old laptop only the new 15 only has 4 spots. One for a 2.5 drive, two normal m.2 long skinny drives (one is being used) and one small like half size m.2 drive which is just smaller then my msata drive so now I need to buy more m.2 drives .

    Anyone know where I could buy two more drives to fit those open spots ? Or even one if it’s cost effective?
    Also was curious I saw my Alienware 15r4 with a gtx 1080 in it? Is that modded or just drop in?

    FYI I plugged in my Alienware 18 330watt monster brick to the Alienware 15 and it worked fine and the bios found it and identified it correctly for those who maybe overclocking and running into power issues.

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